This article is about the series of weapons. For the weapon named "Bow" in Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light and Gaiden, see Iron Bow.

A Bow (弓 Yumi) is one of the physical weapon types in the Fire Emblem series. Bow is effective against flying opponents, and prior to Fire Emblem Fates, Bow is neutral to the Weapon Triangle. Bows come in many varieties, including Bronze, Iron, Steel, and Silver, and can be bought in Armories. Bows are usually used for ranged combat. They are far preferable to other ranged weapons, such as Javelins or Hand Axes due to inaccuracy and little damage. Some bow-using classes can also use Ballistae for radically extended range and power. Characters who use the bow are usually high in Speed, Skill, and Luck, and they usually lack in Strength, Defense, and Constitution.

In Fates, a new weapon type is introduced as the Hoshidan counterpart of the standard Bow used in Nohr, the Yumi (和弓 Wakyū lit. Japanese Bow). Owing to the new weapon advantage system implemented in this title, Yumi and Bows have an advantage over Lances and Shuriken, are neutral against Axes, and are weak against Swords and Tomes. Yumi are also known to raise their users' Resistance by 2 unless this effect is counteracted by other effects (notably, the Pursuer lowers its wielder's Resistance by 3). Yumi tend to have higher Might and lower Accuracy than Bows, making them functionally similar to ranged Axes. Respective enemy-exclusive variants of Bow and Yumi are Shortbow and Hankyu, which are also usable in close-ranged combat.

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