Bow Fighters (ボウファイター Bou faitaa) are bow-wielding foot units that are introduced to the Fire Emblem Series in Genealogy of the Holy War. Armed with the Pursuit skill in Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War, Bow Fighters are not to be confused with Archers, who appear as an unused class in Genealogy of the Holy War and as an enemy-exclusive class in Thracia 776 and TearRing Saga.



HP Str Mag Skl SpdLck Def Res Mov ConWt.Wp.Rank
FE4 307010100506--FE4 Bow A
FE5 18/163/2034/501-7/66/4-FE5 Bow Icon E
TS 18405502-4--TS Bow 3


HP Str Mag Skl SpdLck Def Res Mov ConWt.Wp.Rank
FE4 80221525253020156--FE4 Bow A
FE5 80202020202020206/4--FE5 Bow Icon A
TS 60191520203017-4--TS Bow 18

Class SkillsEdit

Skill Requirements
FE4 PursuitPursuitClass skill of Swordfighters, Bow Fighters, Thief Fighters and Master Knights.


Base Class Promotion Method Promoted Class(es)
FE4 FE4 Bow Fighter Sprite (M)Bow FighterChoose the "Class Change" option in the Home Castle when the relevant unit reaches Level 20.FE4 Sniper SpriteSniper
FE5 FE5 Bow fighterBow FighterUse a Knight Proof (FE5)Knight Proof on a Level 10+ Bow Fighter.FE5 SniperSniper
TS BowFighterBow FighterUse a Ts-knight-proofKnight Proof on a Level 10+ Bow Fighter.BowMasterBow Master

Notable Bow FightersEdit


Genealogy of the Holy WarEdit

Thracia 776Edit

  • Tanya - Dagdar's daughter. A tomboy who regularly quarrels with Orsin.
  • Ronan - Hunter from the village of Ith. He leaves the village to repel the invading pirates.

TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga Edit