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Lloyd...Linus... Please forgive...Your foolish father......”
—Brendan's last words in The Blazing Blade.

Brendan Reed is a non-playable character from Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade. He is the original founder of the organization known as The Black Fang. Brendan originally founded the Black Fang in Bern to be a group of respectable mercenaries who would aid people in need, The group would then take any pay those who were aided could afford after the fact. In time, his two sons, Lloyd and Linus, joined the Black Fang.


Brendan's group of good-doing mercenaries eventually grew to a huge number. In the process, a few shady characters were recruited purely for their combat prowess. Because of this, when Nergal learned of the Black Fang, he decided to use them for his own means.

Nergal sent one of his morphs, Sonia, to seduce Brendan into marrying her. She succeeded in doing this, causing Nergal, little by little, to gain control of the entire Black Fang through Sonia's influence.

Brendan was always good to his sons, Linus and Lloyd, as well as his stepdaughter, Nino, whom he believed at the time to be Sonia's daughter. However, due to Sonia and Nergal, Brendan's sons were sent to their deaths in battle against Eliwood's forces.

Eventually, Brendan figured out Sonia's motives when she was talking of her plans with another morph, Limstella, in the Water Temple, and he happened to walk in. Sonia then decided that she had no further need for him. Brendan charged at Sonia, but she swiftly killed him, although he did manage to severely wound her. In his dying moments, Brendan Reed asked his sons to forgive their 'foolish father'.

If the player visits the Night of Farewells chapter and defeats Sonia, Jan, an original member of the Black Fang, reveals to Nino that Brendan never fully trusted Sonia and had some of his men find out everything they could about her past. He uncovered a lot of information about Sonia, including Nino's real family, who Sonia had killed. During this time, he met with a woman who once worked for Nino's real family. When he told the woman about Nino, she was overjoyed to hear that Nino was still alive and gave Brendan a pendant that belonged to Nino's real mother, telling him to give it to Nino.

Brendan is of the Warrior class. In the last chapter, Nergal creates a morph of Brendan to fight Eliwood's group by using his quintessence. His morph wields the S-rank axe Basilikos. However, his human form never appears on the battlefield, making him unique amongst the bosses in Light, as he is the only resurrected morph never fought as a human and who can never be a boss while he is alive.


Brendan is an honorable family man, who is ultimately manipulated by those who wish to use the Black Fang for their own nefarious means. He cares deeply for his sons, Lloyd and Linus, and commands their respect as both the leader of the Black Fang and as their father. Brendan also doted on his stepdaughter, Nino, with him objecting to her being sent out to assassinate Prince Zephiel due to her inexperience as an assassin. He is a man of righteous intent since the original purpose of the Black Fang was to help the poor and kill corrupt nobles prior to its takeover by Sonia. Brendan’s sense of honor even extends to how he treats other members of the Black Fang. This is shown when he stripped Pascal of his title as one of the Four Fangs and had him imprisoned for his excessive cruelty towards innocents. While he didn't completely trust his wife, his blindness to Sonia's manipulation of the Black Fang is ultimately what costs him his life by her hand.


Help Description: A morph made in the form of Brendan of the Black Fang.

Boss Stats[]

*Dropped when defeated

Non-Morph Variant (Unused)[]

Starting ClassAffinity
WarriorGBALight Light
WeaponStarting Items
Axe Axe - S
Bow Bow - A

Growth Rates (Unused)[]

HP S/M Skl Spd Lck Def Res
85% 50% 10% 10% 35% 10% 15%

Choose Your Legends Placement History[]

Round Placement Character Version Votes

CYL1 Ineligible
CYL2 Ineligible
CYL3 Ineligible
CYL4 Ineligible
CYL5 395 CYL Brendan Portrait
The Blazing Blade
CYL6 435
CYL Brendan Portrait
The Blazing Blade

CYL7 348
CYL Brendan Portrait
The Blazing Blade


The name 'Brendan' derives from the old Irish name 'Brénainn' which means 'a prince'. Saint Brendan of Clonfert was one of the Twelve Apostles of Ireland who was most well known for his legendary journey to the "Isle of the Blessed" detailed in the Navigatio Sancti Brendani Abbatis. Reed is a variant of the English name ‘Reid’ meaning ‘red’.


  • Brendan is the only one of the resurrected morphs to not be fought at any point prior to the final chapter of The Blazing Blade.
  • Despite being a major character with a Legendary weapon, Brendan was absent in the first four Fire Emblem Heroes Choose Your Legends polls.