The Bronze Knife (青銅のナイフ Seidō no naifu) is the weakest Knife weapon in Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. Much like other Knife weapons, the Bronze Knife may be used as both a ranged and a melee weapon. This weapon stands as not just the weakest of all Knives, but also the weakest weapon in the entire game. Critical attacks cannot be performed while this weapon is equipped.

Weapon StatsEdit

Name Type

Bronzeknife Bronze Knife

FE10 Knife Knife

Rank Uses Mt Hit Crt Rng Wt WEx Worth
E 30 1 70% - 1-2 1 1 480

Cannot perform Critical hits.

Item LocationsEdit

Method Location
Vendors Part 1: Ch. 4Ch. 5Ch. 6Ch. 7Ch. 8Ch. 9Endgame
Part 2: Ch. 3Endgame
Part 3: Ch. 2Ch. 4Ch. 6Ch. 7Ch. 9Ch. 10Ch. 11Ch. 12Ch. 13Endgame
Part 4: Rebirth
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