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Burning Falls (燃える滝 Moeru taki) is Chapter 21 of Fire Emblem: Fates in the Birthright Version.


Secret Book (Artwork)
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This map is divided into four areas littered with both promoted units and Stoneborns. Stoneborn units are units that have a long attack range from 1-5 spaces and hurl rocks at your units, dealing massive damage if it connects.

To get to the next segment, the Dragon Vein must be used. Two of them are in front of the large statues. Using them will either result in the area being flooded with lava or opening up a bridge to the next area. If lava flows into the segment, enemy reinforcements will appear from the four holes in each area for three turns. The lava harms your units and also reduces movement of all units except flying units and Takumi if he is wielding Fujin Yumi. The bridge will open once enemy reinforcements in that sector are cleared if lava spilled in. The lava will also spill in if you take too long in each segment. The only way to avoid taking damage from the lava is either by placing your units in the holes (they will also heal your units) or on plain tiles.

The quickest way to beat this chapter is to bring a large amount of flying units with powerful ground units to take out enemy opposition in the way. Flying units can pass through the cliffs and into the next segment. This will save much more time then using the Dragon's Vein and accidentally spilling lava onto your units. Always remember that there are bow users in each area so switch to your ground unit once you touch down in a new area.


“None shall pass... You shall die here...."”
—Stoneborn leader pre-battle quote

—Stoneborn leader defeat quote


Dropped Items

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