Beginning of Battle Edit

Intro Cutscene Edit

  • "Don't be fooled. I, too, have a stake in this fight."
Beginning of Battle Edit
  • "I don't want to fight, but you're leaving me no other way!"
  • "This... isn't right."
Support Activation Edit
  • (when vanguard) "I'm all right. It's you I'm worried about."
  • (when vanguard) "Were you worried about me? I hope it didn't distract from your own fight."
  • "I'm glad you're unharmed. Please be careful on the battlefield."
Taunt Edit
  • "I would not stand on this battlefield if I weren't ready to fight you!"
  • "I would have fled already if I weren't prepared to face you!"
Switching to vanguard Edit
  • "Allow me!"
Switching to support Edit
  • "If you need reinforcements, please don't hesitate to ask me."

Ally Assist Edit

  • (when healed) "I hope I didn't cost you too much time."

Helping Others Edit

  • (when an ally is in serious trouble): "Stay alive! I'll be there soon!"

Critical Lines Edit

Alone Edit

  • "We will not be stopped!"
  • "The time is now!"
  • "Now!"
  • "I'll handle this!"

Dual Strike (neutral) Edit

As Vanguard

  • "I'd like nothing more!"
  • "Let's work together!"
  • "Absolutely!"
  • "I trust you! Let's go!"

As Support

  • "The two of us are unstoppable!"
  • "Would you give me a hand?"
  • "I need your help, here!"

Dual Strike (special) Edit

With Hinoka Edit

With Hinoka as Vanguard

  • Caeda: "Princess Hinoka, I'll help!"
  • Hinoka: "Thanks! You take that side."

With Hinoka as Support

  • Hinoka: "Princess Caeda, guard my flank!"
  • Caeda: "We make for a good team!"
With Takumi Edit

With Takumi as Vanguard

  • Caeda: "I'd love your help, Prince Takumi!"
  • Takumi: "Alright, on my mark, let's go!"

With Takumi as Support

  • Takumi: "Let's go, Princess Caeda!"
  • Caeda: "Ready when you are, Prince Takumi!"
With Lucina Edit

With Lucina as Vanguard

  • Caeda: "Can you help me out, Lucina?"
  • Lucina: "I would be glad to, Caeda!"

With Lucina as Support

  • Lucina: "I need some help here, Caeda!"
  • Caeda: "Then you can have it."
With Lissa Edit

With Lissa as Vanguard

  • Caeda: "Would you mind helping me, Lissa?"
  • Lissa: "Sure! I got you covered!"

With Lissa as Support

  • Lissa: "Pleeeease, Caeda?"
  • Caeda: "Haha, very well, Lissa!"
With Frederick Edit

With Frederick as Vanguard

  • Caeda: "Could I trouble you, Frederick?"
  • Frederick: "Certainly! Be it my landscaping or battle skills."

With Frederick as Support

  • Frederick: "Princess Caeda! Would you be so kind as to assist me?"
  • Caeda: "Very well, Frederick!"
With Cordelia Edit

With Cordelia as Vanguard

  • Caeda: "We are stronger together!"
  • Cordelia: "Right away, Lady Caeda!"

With Cordelia as Support

  • Cordelia: "I'm fighting with Lady Caeda!"
  • Caeda: "Haha, is that so strange? Let's go!"
With Marth Edit

With Marth as Vanguard

  • Caeda: "Please aid me, Marth!"
  • Marth: "Just leave it to me, Caeda!"

With Marth as Vanguard (A+)

  • Caeda: "It's an honor to fight alongside you, Marth!"
  • Marth: "Then let us strike as one!"

With Marth as Support (A+)

  • Marth: "Our strength will end this!"
  • Caeda: "We do this for a better tomorrow!"
With Tiki Edit

With Tiki as Vanguard

  • Caeda: "Shall we give it a try, Tiki?"
  • Tiki: "I'll do my best! Leave it to me!"

With Tiki as Vanguard (A+)

  • Caeda: "We make a fine team, Tiki!"
  • Tiki: "Let's do it together, Caeda!"

With Tiki as Support

  • Tiki: "Let's combine our strength!"
  • Caeda: "You and me together, Tiki!"

With Tiki as Support (A+)

  • Tiki: "Is it okay if I hit it with everything I got?"
  • Caeda: "Of course it is! Let's go!"
With Lyn Edit

With Lyn as Vanguard

  • Caeda: "Lyndis! May I ask for your help?"
  • Lyn: "It's yours, Caeda."

With Lyn as Support

  • Lyn: "Let's join forces, Caeda."
  • Caeda: "I'd like nothing better!"
With Navarre Edit

With Navarre as Vanguard

  • Caeda: "Work with me on this, Navarre!"
  • Navarre: "I'll do what I can."

With Navarre as Support

  • Navarre: "Are you ready?"
  • Caeda: "All right. Are you ready to shine?"

During Battle Edit

Awakening Mode Edit


  • "I fight to protect my allies!"

Beginning the Final Strike:

  • "Your fate is sealed!"

Final Strike Lines:

  • "I know we can win!"
  • "I can't stand idly by!"
  • "Triangle attack!"
  • "I will put this strength to use!"

Praise Edit

Giving Praise Edit

  • General: "Soldiers like you are so skilled. I wonder if there's any need for me to fight at all!"
  • General: "You are an irreplaceable part of this army. We could win this war with you alone!"
Anna Edit
  • Caeda: "Unbelievable... Are you sure you're the same Anna I know?"
  • Anna: "Umm... Probably not!"
Marth Edit
  • Caeda: "Marth, that was incredible! It is an honor to fight at your side!"
  • Marth: "Thank you, Caeda. You've been by my side this whole time."

Receiving Praise Edit

Rowan Edit
  • Rowan: "The flight of a falcon meets the fight of a lion. So this is your true strength!"
  • Caeda: "Thank you for the kind words. But I'm more of a kitten than a lion, I think..."
Tiki Edit
  • Tiki: "You're so strong, Caeda. I want to be just like you!"
Anna Edit
  • Anna: "Way to go, Caeda! There's nothing as powerful as a girl in love!"
  • Caeda: "A-Anna! not so loud.. I'm easily startled!"

Praise Reply Lines Edit

  • "Oh, I wouldn't go that far... I do my part."
  • "Oh, not at all... I just do what I can."

Enemy Encounter Lines Edit

General Enemy KO Lines Edit

  • "I do this to seek peace in our future!"
  • "Forgive me, but this is war."
  • "I try to avoid fighting as much as I can, but..."
  • "I won't fall behind!"
  • "I do what I must!"
  • "Withdraw at once!"
  • "Retreat with your lives!"

1000 Enemies Defeated Edit

  • "Is this not enough? How long must this bloodshed continue?"
  • "I honor the fallen soldiers I've killed, by never giving up!"
  • "I will continue to fight for a world where senseless suffering has no place!"

Special Enemy Encounter/KO lines Edit

With Fredrick as an Enemy Edit
  • Fredrick: "I will not condede defeat. Even to you, princess Caeda!"
With Lissa as an Enemy Edit
  • Lissa: "I have to fight you? this isn't gonna go well for me..."
  • Caeda: "You've grown strong, Lissa. Now show me the full extent of that strength!"

Situational Edit

Low Health

  • (in trouble) "Marth... My situation looks hopeless."
  • (in serious trouble) "Can anybody help me over here?!"

Base in Danger

  • (at risk) "This can't be! We must protect the base!"
  • (in danger) ""

Fleeing Edit

  • "My friends... Try to stay safe."

Death Lines Edit

  • "My friends... Try to stay safe..."

Stage Clear Edit

  • "Victory should be a time for reflection."

After Battle Edit

Victory Cutscene Edit

  • "Someday the fighting will be over... I know it..."

MVP Edit

  • "It was not just my contributions that won the day, but everyone's!"

Level Up Edit

  • "Every little bit helps."
  • "I'll stay in the fight for Marth's sake."
  • "Oh! I've gotten stronger!"

Support Increased Line Edit

  • "We believe in each other, and that makes all the difference."

Class Change Edit

  • "Was this power always within me?"
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