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Caelin (キアラン Kiaran, Ciaran in the Japanese version) is one of the territories of the Lycian League. It is the territory of which Lyndis's grandfather, Lord Hausen, holds lordship and is the native home of her mother. Caelin is also home to the Cavaliers Sain and Kent and the General, Wallace.

Geographically Caelin is located in eastern Lycia. It is a rather small territory surrounded completely by other Lycian territories. It is north of Santaruz, west of Tania, south of Khathelet and east of Laus.

The Blazing Blade

Because of Lundgren's power-mongering, Lyn leads Lyndis's Legion to retake the territory and return it back to its rightful owner, Lord Hausen. Caelin is revisited again, one year later, after Laus invades while retreating from Eliwood and Hector's attack.

At the end of the game Lyndis abdicates her right to rule Caelin and hands the management over to House Ostia and its new Marquess, Hector. Then, depending on her ending, she either returns to Sacae, marries Eliwood, or weds Hector.

Notable Characters from Caelin

  • Hausen - The Marquess of Caelin during the events of The Blazing Blade.
  • Lundgren - The Marquess' younger brother, he is willing to kill his own brother and grandniece in order to usurp the Caelin throne.
  • Madelyn - The Marquess' daughter who left Caelin to be with Hassar, the chieftain of the Lorca tribe.
  • Lyndis - Daugther of Madelyn. Born and raised in the Sacaen plains, she sets foot to Caelin once she discovers her other lineage.
  • Sain - One of the cavaliers tasked by Lord Hausen to locate and bring back his granddaughter, Lyndis. A roguish skirt-chaser, but reliable and good at heart.
  • Kent -The other cavalier tasked by Lord Hausen to locate and bring back his granddaughter, Lyndis. Dutiful and serious.
  • Wallace - Former commander of the knights of Caelin. He was tasked by Lundgren to kill Lyndis' alleged impostor who is none other than herself, but later joins her to defeat Lundgren instead.
  • Yogi - A knight sent by Lundgren to stop Lyndis from reaching Caelin.
  • Eagler - A knight in service to House Caelin.