Intro Cutscene Edit

  • "How very naughty... Someone needs to be punished!"

Start of battle lines

  • ”We can only fight on regardless... But oh, what a tragedy!”

Switching to Character Edit

  • "My turn now!"

Leading Unit

  • ”*giggles*, I do believe I’ll have some fun today.”
  • ”Haha... Only a bit more mopping up left.”
  • ”I need only crush you and the battle is over, yes?”
  • ”Is that all? But my fun was just beginning.”

Ally Assist Edit

Healed by Cordelia: Edit
  • Camilla: "Every time I find myself swamped, you always come running. How sweet!"
  • Cordelia: "I would do anything to help you."

Bond with Lyn (whether support or not):

  • Camilla: “The mere sight of your beauty has graced me Lyn.”
  • Lyn: “Thanks Camilla, you’re no slouch in the looks department either.”

Help Edit

  • "No. I mustn’t disappoint them this way."

Critical Lines Edit

Alone Edit

  • "Here's what you deserve!"
  • "Are you trying to die?"
  • "No mercy from me!"
  • "Say good night!"
  • "Poor pests!"
  • ”What a wicked child!”

Dual Strike Lines (neutral) Edit

As Support

  • "Two are better than one!"

As Support (Rank A)

  • "Let’s teach them a lesson in power!"

As Vanguard

  • "We’ll tear you limb from limb!"

Dual Strike Lines (special) Edit

With Corrin Edit

With Corrin as Support

  • Corrin: “Camilla, let’s move!”
  • Camilla: ”Is it time to let loose?”

With Corrin as Vanguard:

  • Camilla: ”A bath after this would be nice wouldn’t it?”
  • Corrin: “Focus Camilla!”

With Corrin as Support (Support Level A)

  • Corrin: ”Now Camilla!”
  • Camilla: “*giggles* Your enemies are as good as dead Corrin!”

With Corrin as Vanguard (Support Level A):

  • Camilla: ”Corrin, lend your sister a hand.”
  • Corrin: “Leave it to me, Camilla.”
With Ryoma Edit

With Ryoma as Support (Support Level A)

  • Ryoma: “Princess Camilla, I must have an answer!”
  • Camilla: “We will kill them all.”


  • Ryoma: “Won’t you join me princess Camilla?”
  • Camilla: “As you wish prince Ryoma.”

With Ryoma as Vanguard:

  • Camilla: “Shall we bring pain to their world?”
  • Ryoma: “Spoken like a true Nohrian princess.”
With Takumi Edit

With Takumi as Support

  • Takumi: "Please, Princess Camilla?"
  • Camilla: "Oh, I love it when you beg."

With Takumi as Vanguard

  • Camilla: "Do you think you can keep up with me?"
  • Takumi: "Don't underestimate me, Camilla!"
With Hinoka Edit

With Hinoka as Support

  • Hinoka: “Join me, Princess Camilla!”
  • Camilla: “A splendid idea, Princess Hinoka.”

With Hinoka as Vanguard

  • Camilla: “Ready, Princess Hinoka?”
  • Hinoka: “Anytime, Princess Camilla!”
With Xander Edit

With Xander as Support

  • Xander: "I'm relying on you, Camilla!"
  • Camilla: "You won't be disappointed."

With Xander as Vanguard

  • Camilla: "It's time we went all out, Xander."
  • Xander: "If you say so, little sister."

With Xander as Support (Support Level A)

  • Xander: "Let's unleash our worst!"
  • Camilla: "I hope Corrin isn't here to see this side of us!"

With Xander as Vanguard (Support Level A)

  • Camilla: "Let's strike terror into their hearts!"
  • Xander: "I'd expect nothing less from a Nohrian Princess!"
With Elise Edit

With Elise as Support

  • Elise: "Uh-oh, you made Camilla angry."
  • Camilla: "Let's show them what a mistake they've made."
  • Elise: “Can you help me, Camilla?”
  • Camilla: “Always my dear Elise.”

With Elise as Vanguard

  • Camilla: "Tremble at the sight of the Nohrian princesses."
  • Elise: “You're in for a world of hurt!”
  • Camilla: “Elise, are you ready?”
  • Elise: "Ready, Camilla"

With Niles

With Niles as Vanguard

  • Camilla: "Will you show me your technique, Niles?"
  • Niles: "Is that all you care to see?"

With Niles as Support

  • Niles: “After you, Lady Camilla.”
  • Camilla: ”We can both dig in to our heart's content.”

With Olivia

With Olivia as Vanguard

  • Camilla: "Are you ready to punish them, Olivia?"
  • Olivia: "Yes, Lady Camilla."

With Olivia as Support

  • Olivia: “May I borrow your strength, Lady Camilla?”
  • Camilla: ”Anytime, dear. Just ask!”

With Rowan

With Rowan as Vanguard

  • Camilla: "Shall we put them through hell?"
  • Rowan: "Y-You got it, Camilla."

With Rowan as Support

  • Rowan: “Camilla, give me your strength!”
  • Camilla: ”I can't say no to such a cute child.”
With Robin Edit

With Robin as Vanguard

  • Camilla: "I need you, Robin..."
  • Robin: "I'm here, Camilla!"

With Robin as Support

  • Robin: “Camilla, let’s team up!”
  • Camilla: ”Clever child. Very well, let’s go!”
With Tharja Edit

With Tharja as Vanguard

  • Camilla: "How about we do this together, Tharja...?"
  • Tharja: "Of course, eheheh..."

With Tharja as Support

  • Tharja: "How about we fight together...?"
  • Camilla: "Of course, Tharja...!"

During Battle Edit

Level Up Edit

  • "Did you see that, dear Corrin?"
  • ”Interesting, even I can get stronger.”
  • ”Oh, this feels wonderful.”

Praise Lines Edit

Praising Olivia

  • Camilla: "How wonderful, Olivia. Your dance is both potent and lovely..."
  • Olivia: ""

Facing/Defeating an Enemy Edit

  • "Oh dear. Did that hurt?"
  • "Naughty children must be disciplined."
  • "I'm tired of looking at you... Die now."
  • "Such stubborn children..."

Facing Corrin

  • Corrin: “(Not sure)”
  • Camilla: “Defeating Corrin?! What has this world come to?!”

Facing Hinoka

  • Hinoka: "Princess Camilla... I've been wanting to settle things between us."
  • Camilla: "Are all Hoshidans as coarse as you?"

Facing Niles

  • Niles: "Let me see the real Camilla. Not the pretty princess facade."
  • Camilla: "Are you trying to rouse my temper, Niles? For that, I'll show no mercy."

Facing Tharja

  • Camilla: "I'm sorry, Tharja, but I have people I must protect, so I will not give in here."

Defeating Lianna

  • "Such swordsmanship... You'll make for a fine queen."

Death Lines Edit

  • (as ally) "I can't fight any longer... I'm so sorry, but I must fall back now."
  • (as enemy) "You're strong... It's true. That put you first on my list of people to kill next time!"

Game over Lines

  • "Oh dear... I failed didn't I?"
  • ”How could I lose...? My sincerest apologies...”

Victory Lines Edit

  • "Sorry, darling... My eyes are up here."


  • “Good to see you.”
  • “What’s your weapon of choice?”
  • “Is that alright?”
  • “*giggles* Success!”
  • ”Oh, I’m afraid you can’t do that.”
  • ”Leaving already?”
  • “Uh uh uh, you've got your hands full.”

Main Menu Lines

  • “*giggles* Good children always play in bright rooms away from the screen.”
  • ”Don’t play for too long at once, it’s important you rest is necessary.”
  • ”After a hard days work, doesn’t a bath together sound nice?”
  • ”You must be hungry now, I’ll fix you up with whatever lunch you want.”
  • ”You’re up this late? How naughty.”
  • ”Thank you for all the time together. Would you object if we stayed together forever?”

In Battle

  • ”A shopping trip? What a fine idea.”
  • ”Just look at the wonders we bought.”
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