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“The prince of Altea will be ours. Just do as I tell you, and we’ll pluck this royal plum long before the main force can show up to steal all the glory. Heh...”
—The Captain revealing his plan in ‘’New Mystery of the Emblem

The Captain is a semi-unique boss character exclusive to the prologue of the DS remake of Shadow Dragon.


A nameless low-ranking captain from Gra, he was assigned a small force of soldiers during the Grust, Dolhr and Gra takeover of Altea. Having already captured the young knight, Gordin, the ambitious Captain eager to improve his social status, planned to lure Marth into a trap and wipe out him and the remaining Altean knights before King Jiol and the Sable Order of Knights accompanying him could get the glory.

Having one of his soldiers dress Gordin in the Gra uniform and gag the young archer, so the young Prince would kill one of his last remaining knights allowing the Captain's small force to kill the Prince.

When a unit sacrificed himself to distract Jiol and his forces by disguising themselves as Marth, the Captain decided to clear out the remaining Altean's left.

If Marth killed Gordin, the Captain and his forces rushed Marth. Or if Jiol's forces wiped out everyone but Marth, the Captain would try to finish the unaccompanied Marth by himself. No matter what happened, the Captain is ultimately slain.

Despite having a portrait, mini portrait, and cutscene dialogue, the Gra Captain has no name nor Battle and Death dialogue. Due to this, the Captain blurs the line between character and generic unit.


Starting Class
WeaponStarting Items
Sword - E
Lance - C

* Dropped when defeated.


  • Within the game's data Captain has the same growth rates as the bosses from the gaiden chapters, however as the prologue is only available on normal mode these growths go unused.
  • The Captain is the only pseudo character from Gra to not be from the royal family.

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