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“We'll avenge Migal and get some pretty souvenirs to boot. Who knows, maybe I'll be a leader after all. Ha ha ha! Let's go! Spread out and encircle the place, you rogues! Let's finish this before it gets too dark to see!”

Carjiga is the boss of Chapter 4 of Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade. He is a member of the Ganelon Bandits, the same group as Migal, and tracks down Lyn and her group to avenge him. Even if he survives the chapter, Carjiga does not appear again.



Starting ClassAffinity
FE8 Enemy Brigand Map Sprite BrigandN/A
WeaponStarting Items
Axe Axe - CSteelaxeSteel Axe


Secret Book (Artwork)
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The fourth in a line of incrementally more powerful Brigands choosing to bar Lyn's path, Carjiga is practically identical to Migal. He may appear to be slower than Migal, but unlike Migal he has enough Constitution to wield his Steel Axe without a penalty to his attack speed. 8 speed will be needed to double him, so Kent and Sain will only be able to do so if they get good level-ups. He has a rather high defense stat for his class as well, which makes killing him within the allotted time a bit more difficult.

Carjiga can be somewhat difficult to kill due to the chapter's nature as a Defense mission, but he's well within the player's reach. Carjiga does yield some additional EXP when killed, so killing him is useful, but not essential. Depending on what sort of level-ups Kent or Sain have accrued, they might be able to break through the enemy ranks to finish Carjiga off. Otherwise, the player's best bet is to have Lyn attack him using the Mani Katti.


“What are you waiting for? She's just a child! A girl! Grrr! Get more men up here now!!”
—Carjiga at the end of Enemy Phase Turn 2
“Urgh! How? Why are they so tough? You! Bring more men here right away!”
—Carjiga's battle quote
“Arrgh...This isn't...Not me...”
—Carjiga's death quote
“Curses! They're not human! Listen up, rogues! Retreat! Pull back!”
—Carjiga's retreat quote


  • If the player somehow manages to kill Carjiga before the end of Enemy Phase 2, a task only possible in hard mode, a generic brigand will spawn and issue the order to attack in his stead, saying that the bandits "can't go home in shame." Curiously, the brigand mistakenly refers to Carjiga as "Carjiga's elder brother."