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“The first time I met you, twenty years ago now... I saw you in the garden of this very palace... and I was bewitched. Your pale beauty far surpassed that of any flower. I was in the grips of an unforgivable desire. You were the wife of my king, to whom I'd sworn life and loyalty. I told myself a grand lie that day. I told myself I could be happy simply serving you as your most loyal knight.”
—Carlyle to Ismaire

Carlyle is a boss character in Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. He was the leader of Jehanna's army; however, during the events of The Sacred Stones he betrays Jehanna and helps the Grado Empire take over Jehanna Hall. However, Carlyle is not an evil man; he had been deeply in love with the Queen of Jehanna, Ismaire, but because she was the king's wife he did not do anything to pursue her. He taught her son, Joshua, how to wield a sword. Carlyle was tempted by the one who 'carried a Dark Stone' to help Grado take Jehanna Hall and have Queen Ismaire for himself.

After Grado has captured Jehanna Hall, Caellach is told that Princess Eirika and her forces are approaching. He then tells Carlyle to defend Jehanna Hall if he wants to see Queen Ismaire again. Thus, Carlyle leads the Grado forces in defending Jehanna Hall, but is killed during the battle. If the player has Joshua confront Carlyle, Joshua will ask Carlyle why he has taken his path, unable to fully comprehend why his mentor did such a deed. Carlyle believes he cannot turn back, and will fight Joshua with all his might.

Ironically, during the battle to defend Jehanna Hall, Caellach kills Queen Ismaire in order to take the Sacred Stone of Jehanna. He did try to let her live though, as he did not like to harass or kill women.




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Even for well-prepared players, Carlyle is uncharacteristically unfair. As a Swordmaster standing on a Throne, his evasion is formidable. No single adversary during the main campaign can ever achieve an evasion stat as high as his, something that should be a relief to players who challenge him, only to find that their hit rates are unacceptably low. Some players may find out the hard way that most of the time, Carlyle can be killed only by a critical, since he'll heal himself by standing on the Throne.

Aside from his tremendous evasion, Carlyle is not particularly threatening. His Wind Sword can be countered by ranged attacks from any character with high Resistance, such as Lute or Artur, and his tremendous evasion can be mitigated through the use of supports. If one managed to get the droppable Swordslayer in Chapter 13, Carlyle can be even further trivialized; a sufficiently-trained axe wielder stands a good chance of one-rounding or even one-hitting him.

Attacking Carlyle with flying units is inadvisable, as his sword deals effective damage against them.


“I...I just wanted the two of us...”
—Carlyle's battle quote

Vs. Joshua

  • Carlyle: You…Could it be?
  • Joshua: Carlyle. How did this happen? You taught me how to wield a blade. You of all people…
  • Carlyle: You've returned. But now...It's too late. It's far too late.
“Queen Ismaire. I-.”
—Carlyle's death quote


  • Tirado and Carlyle are the only minor antagonists with the Powerful Foe battle theme.
  • Carlyle makes a cameo appearance during the Sacred, Dark, And... Lost Lore event in Fire Emblem Heroes.