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Carried Away is a quest given to Byleth by a female Student in Fire Emblem: Three Houses during the Academy Phase.

Quest Details

"Is anyone willing to drop this off for me?"


"Deliver the letter. There's no address, but there's only one person who is gallant, has a charming smile, and always puts his family first."

Quest-Giver Dialogue 

"Would you mind delivering this love letter on my behalf? To whom, you ask? Well, he's gallant, has a charming smile, and he always puts his family first."

Quest Completion Dialogue

"Thank you! I watched Alois as he read the letter... I think he looked happy about it! Keeheee!"


Given to you by a female student near the well of the Cathedral.


  • Western Fódlan Seeds x5
  • Earthworm x5
  • Floral Adornment x1
  • 300 Renown


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Talk to the student near the well at the cathedral and accept the quest. Byleth will then receive the "Heartfelt Love Letter". Head to the Fishing Pond and give the letter to Alois. Report to the requester to finish the quest.