Duke Cartas was the leader of the first war against Dolhr. After learning that Princess Artemis of Archanea was still alive in Altea, Cartas formed a liberation army at Pales and gained support by carrying the Fire Emblem, which was given to him by Artemis sometime before. With the Fire Emblem, Cartas was able to turn the tide of the war in humanity's favor until Medeus himself decided to enter the war. After the hero Anri obtained the Falchion and ended the war, Cartas married Artemis at the request of the people, despite the princess's love for Anri, and was crowned King of Archanea. His brother, Duke Marlon, went on to found the Kingdom of Aurelis, which became Archanea's ally. Unfortunately however, Artemis died giving birth to Cartas' son.

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