Complete Map Project Edit

So I'm contemplating re-creating the maps with the ingame icons and backgrounds, but with my own twists (like greyed out marks for units that will arrive after a certain point). Each map is different based on difficulty too. It will take some time to acrue all the data I need. Is this info people would like? Also, would anyone want to help? I would just need Miiverse screencaps of your bottom screen before the level starts, and more screencaps of when the reinforcements arrive, if any (try not to block them when they arrive; I wanna know where they wanna go, not where you forced them to go because their ideal spawn point was blocked). I'll do the heavy editing from there. 

Short of finding a way to extract the ingame font, I'll have to settle for Arial though.

This is Hoshido Chapter 14: Lunatic Recreated.

Chapter 14 Lunatic demo

Demo of My little project.

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