Enemy Catherine Edit

Chapter 12 (Crimson Flower) Edit

Battle Quote Edit

  • I am Thunder Catherine, and I will slay all of Lady Rhea's enemies. Including you.

Vs. Byleth Edit

  • Catherine: I trusted you. Lady Rhea trusted you. I won't let you live after what you've done.

Retreat Quote Edit

  • Lady Rhea, I'm sorry. Please stay safe.

Paralogue: Foreign Land and Sky (Crimson Flower) Edit

Battle Quote Edit

  • Brigid will not become a puppet of the Empire. The Knights of Seiros won't let it happen!

Vs Bernadetta Edit

  • Bernadetta: Ah! It's Thunder Catherine! We're done for!
  • Catherine: Hey, I was going to say that! You didn't let me introduce myself. How rude. Thunderbrand and I will have to teach you some manners.

Retreat Quote Edit

  • I can't achieve anything more here. Keep fighting! Stop them!

Chapter 18 (Crimson Flower) Edit

Battle Quote Edit

  • I will pour everything into this battle–my body, my soul. Thunderbrand rumbles, urging me on. I am the goddess's servant. You will taste my blade!

Vs. Byleth Edit

  • Catherine: I wish you'd never shown your face at Garreg Mach. I always knew you were trouble, yet I did nothing. Time for me to correct that mistake. Prepare to meet your end!

Vs. Shamir Edit

  • Shamir: Hello, Catherine. I always knew this day would come.
  • Catherine: What a coincidence, so did I. It seems that now we have no choice. We have nothing in common. Not our backgrounds, not our beliefs.
  • Shamir: Not the way we lived... or the way we'll die.

Death Quote Edit

  • Lady Rhea... My service ends here. It's been an honor.

Garreg Mach Monastery Edit

Choir Practice Edit

  • "You look like a cat that's been sprayed with water. What, you don't think I should sing the high notes?"

Cooking Edit

  • "You can cook too, huh? Let's see who's better."
  • "You've got deft hands, I admit. Now see what I can do!"

Dining Hall Edit

  • "Food always tastes better when you're sharing a meal with others."
  • "Eating food always fires me up! Hoorah! Let's go fight somebody!" (Favorite dish)
  • "Blah, this is some pretty lousy food. But as long as it's edible, right?" (Disliked dish)

With Shamir Edit

No Support:

  • Catherine: It's too rare that we get a chance to kick back and stuff our faces. C'mon Shamir, time to gorge!
  • Shamir: I apologize for my partner, Professor.

A Support:

  • Shamir: Eating with the two of you makes me feel at home.
  • Catherine: At home, hm? Hah. That's a nice feeling...

Recruitment Edit

Gifts Edit

  • "I'll take it, if I must." (Disliked)
  • "I’ll take it. Thanks." (Neutral)
  • "I'll take it, I love it!" (Liked)

Lost Items Edit

  • "Oh, this is mine. Thanks. I'm glad to have it back."
  • "Huh. Not mine. Don't know whose it is."

Tea Party Edit

  • "Oh, you didn't invite me here for a duel?" (greeting)

Favorite Tea

  • "Oh, this is my favorite tea! I like the way it looks and the way it tastes." (Favorite tea: Rose Petal Blend)

Introducing Own Topic

  • "I'm always watching you. I guess this is your way of returning the favor."
  • "I have zero desire to go back to Faerghus. Can you imagine me as a noble?"
  • "I hear your nickname is 'Ashen Demon.' It’s good, but not as good as 'Thunder Catherine.'"
  • "I’m a little restless. I don’t much care for waiting around."
  • "I’m not going to hurt you. No need to look so nervous."
  • "We should train together."
  • "You and I both have sword Relics. We should spar with them soon."
  • "You know war strategy, not just how to wield a sword. Maybe I should study that too."
  • "You look calm, as usual. I wonder what you look like when you’re nervous."


  • "Why are you staring at my hair? My eyes are down here. Heh!"
  • "We should go out for drinks sometime! Your treat."

Voice Lines

  • "Professor."
  • "Of course."
  • "Wow."
  • "This is nice."
  • "Can I get a refill?"
  • "Whatcha think?"


  • "Thanks for the tea. Invite me again when you like. Bye."

Tutoring Edit

Instruct Edit

  • Bad: "That was tough."
    • Critique: "You're right. I'll get it next time."
    • Console: "Oh, stop. Don't butter me up."
  • Great: "Thank you for teaching me."
  • Great: "I'm always improving."
  • Perfect: "So. I was right."
    • Praise "You're too kind. Now I'm feeling a bit shy..."

Group Tasks Edit

Stable Duty Edit

Weeding Edit

Clearing Rubble Edit

Sky Watch Edit

Results Edit

Certification Exams Edit

  • "Time to celebrate!" (Passed)
  • "I failed." (Failed)

Level Up Edit

  • "Even I have bad days." (0 to 2 stats up)
  • "I'm stronger!" (3 to 5 stats up)
  • "The better to serve Lady Rhea." (4 to 7 stats up)
  • "Just let me at 'em." (4 to 7 stats up)
  • "No one can stop me now!" (Reaching level 99)


  • "Even I have bad days." (0 to 2 stats up)
  • "I'm stronger!" (3 to 5 stats up)
  • "I fight for one reason and one alone." (4 stats up)
  • "Just let me at 'em." (4 to 7 stats up)
  • "No one can stop me now!" (Reaching level 99)

Skill Level Up Edit

  • "Looks like I'm getting it."
  • "I've learned a thing or two from battle."
  • "This will help keep me alive."

Skill Mastered Edit

  • "I'll show you what I can do."

Class Quotes Edit

Class Mastery Edit

  • "I'll show you what I can do."

Reclassing Edit

  • "I never turn down a challenge."
  • "This will make me even stronger."
  • "Whatever the goddess ordains."

Battle Quotes Edit

When Selected Edit

  • "I'll crush them all." (Full/High HP)
  • "Can't give up yet." (Medium HP)
  • "Might of over done it."(Low HP)


  • "I'll crush them all." (Full/High HP)
  • "Can't give up yet." (Medium HP)
  • "Don't let me die for nothing." (Low HP)

Enemy Deals 1 or No Damage or MissesEdit

  • "Is that all?"

Critical AttackEdit

  • "Repent from the grave!"
  • "Where do I start?"
  • "Stay down!"
  • "Out of my sight!"

Facing named enemy

  • "I will not back down!"
  • "Forgive me."
  • "Here I go!"
  • "You leave me no choice!"

Gambit Edit

  • "Whatever it takes!"
  • "We'll outsmart them."
  • "It's fare game!"

Gambit BoostEdit

  • "I can help."
  • "Right here."
  • "You could use a hand."
  • "Allow us to help."
  • "I will aid you."
  • "You have my support."

Triangle AttackEdit

  • "Let's get em."
  • "All together!"
  • "Let's go!"

Defeated EnemyEdit

  • "Fighting is what I do."
  • "All for Lady Rhea."
  • "Can't hold me back."
  • "I'll never back down."
  • "In the name of the goddess."
  • "I won't hold back."


  • "Its all fare in war."

Ally Defeats Enemy Edit

  • "Invigorating."
  • "Great job."
  • "Breathtaking!
  • "Spectacular!"
  • "That gave me chills!"

Ally Heals/Rallies Edit

  • "I'm grateful."
  • "Good idea!"
  • "Thanks."
  • "Thanks you."
  • "Thanks for the help."
  • "You inspire me."

Death/Retreat Quote Edit

“Forced me to retreat, huh? You'll get yours.”
—Catherine's retreat quote. (casual)
“I'm sorry. My faith is strong, but I fear I must retreat."”
—Catherine's retreat quote (war phase, casual)
“"No... We're so close! I can't fall here. Please, see the battle through.”
—Catherine's second retreat quote (war phase, casual)
“If I die here, you must save...”
—Catherine's death quote. (classic)
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