Beginning of Battle Edit

 Intro Cutscene Edit

  • "If it is our fate to cross swords upon this day... know that I will give it my all!"

Switching To Character Edit

  • ""

Critical Lines Edit

Alone Edit


  • "Mila, give me strength!"


  • "I fear that I must!"
  • "I must win!"
  • "A fight you shall have then!"

Dual Strike (neutral) Edit

As Support

  • "Will you fight by my side?"

As Vanguard

  • "Understood. Leave it to me!"
  • "Of course. You may rely on me!"

Dual Strike (special) Edit

With Lianna Edit

With Lianna as Vanguard

  • Celica: "Could you support me on this one?"
  • Lianna: "I can and I will!"

With Lianna as Support

  • Lianna: "Celica, will you join me?"
  • Celica: "Of course. Come, let's begin."
With Sakura Edit

With Sakura as Vanguard

  • Celica: "Now's the time to strike as one!"
  • Sakura: "I'll try to help, Celica!"

With Sakura as Support

  • Sakura: "Here I am, Celica!"
  • Celica: "We shall support each other!"
With Elise Edit

With Elise as Vanguard

  • Celica: "Elise! I need your help!"
  • Elise: "You've got it, Celica!"

With Elise as Support

  • Elise: "Help me out, Celica!"
  • Celica: "Anything to bring an end to this!"
With Chrom Edit

With Chrom as Vanguard

  • Celica: "Let us act as one!"
  • Chrom: "All right, Celica! We can do this!"

With Chrom as Vanguard (A)

  • Celica: "Your presence gives me strength!"
  • Chrom: "That's right. Let's go, Celica!"

With Chrom as Support

  • Chrom: "Celica, lend me your strength!"
  • Celica: "It is yours, Chrom!"

With Chrom as Support (A)

  • Chrom: "Let's do this together, Celica!"
  • Celica: "Lead the way, Chrom!"
With Lucina Edit

With Lucina as Vanguard

  • Celica: "This calls for your blade!"
  • Lucina: "I've got it!"

With Lucina as Support

  • Lucina: "Ready to strike, Celica?"
  • Celica: "I think so. I shall try!"
With Lissa Edit

With Lissa as Vanguard

  • Celica: "Let's overcome this together!"
  • Lissa: "Oh, I can't wait! Let's do this, Celica!"

With Lissa as Support

  • Lissa: "We can take it together!"
  • Celica: "If you trust in me, then I shall trust in you!"

With Lissa as Support (A-support)

  • Lissa: "Let's team up, Celica!"
  • Celica: "That's a splendid idea, Lissa!"
With Cordelia Edit

With Cordelia as Vanguard

  • Celica: "I have faith in you, Cordelia."
  • Cordelia: "I'll do my utmost to meet your expectations."

With Cordelia as Support

  • Cordelia: "Are you with me, Lady Celica?"
  • Celica: "We can strike at any time!"
With Marth Edit

With Marth as Vanguard (1)

  • Celica: "Enough of this struggle!"
  • Marth: "Let's end this with a single blow!"

With Marth as Vanguard (2)

  • Celica: "For a peaceful tomorrow!"
  • Marth: "We'll see it come to pass!"

With Marth as Support (1)

  • Marth: "You'll help me out, won't you, Celica?"
  • Celica: "If that is what you wish!"

With Marth as Support (2)

  • Marth: "Our power will be as one!"
  • Celica: "I will gladly aid you, Marth."
With Navarre Edit

With Navarre as Vanguard

  • Celica: "Can I rely on your blade?"
  • Navarre: "It's ready and sharpened!"

With Navarre as Support

  • Navarre: "Celica! Give me a hand!"
  • Celica: "Yes! I'll assist you!"
With Oboro Edit

With Oboro as Vanguard

  • Celica: "I'm with you all the way!"
  • Oboro: "We can win together!"

With Oboro as Support

  • Oboro: "Let's drop these fools, Lady Celica!"
  • Celica: "With your help, I have no doubt!"

During Battle Edit

Praise Edit

Giving Praise Edit


  • "Your work benefits everyone!"
To Leo Edit
  • "You're in fine form, Leo! Even your collar is on correctly!"
To Robin Edit
  • "You're clever, strong, kind... In my eyes, Robin, you are flawless!"

Receiving Praise Edit

From Robin Edit
  • "Another charming performance, Celica!"
From Frederick Edit
  • "Well done, Lady Celica. Your wisdom may be our greatest asset."
From Lyn Edit
  • "You might look soft, Celica, but you've got claws underneath!"

Awakening Lines Edit

Awakening Mode

  • "I shall finish this now!"

Awakening Special

  • "Ragnarok! I have no choice but to fight! Farewell!"


  • "I put forth every effort!"

Situational Edit

Defeating Anna Edit
  • "Shall I see you at the shop, Anna?"

Death Lines

  • ""

Victory Lines Edit

  • "May Mila, the Earth Mother, watch over us."

After Battle Edit

Level Up Edit

  • ""

Support increased Line

  • "I feel closer to you now than I ever have before."


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