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A Cemetery in a Deeprealm is a location found in one of the Deeprealms in Fire Emblem Fates.


During Paralogue 14, Hayato decides to visit his daughter Rhajat, who lives in this Deeprealm. Unfortunately, he arrived just as his daughter was able to successfully summon a horde of Faceless, so the army ends up having to fight them. After the battle, Hayato takes Rhajat with him to "supervise" her magical education. Before she leaves, Rhajat decides to look at her house one last time before a Faceless that survived the battle ambushes her. Corrin kills the Faceless before it can attack her.

Only one house resides in the nearby area. The cemetery is surrounded by forests and graves litter the area. During Paralouge 14, several areas of this cemetery were covered in acid bog.

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