Edelgard exam
Certification Exams (資格試験 Shikaku Shikan) are a new feature in Fire Emblem: Three Houses as the game's main method of Class Change.


As Byleth provides Tutoring for their students and take them into combat, they gain proficiency in eleven different stats. By reaching a certain proficiency with these stats and reach certain levels, they can take a Certification Exam, allowing them to Class Change into a higher tier class or unlock additional classes.

There are five types of exams without DLC and six with, each requiring a different seal and level requirement to take it:

In addition, in order for a character to take the exam, they must achieve a certain passing percentage based on the desired weapons/unit type of the class and the ideal Rank for each requirement. Characters do not need to have the exact required rank, but the likeliness of passing the exam increases the higher the desired ranks are. A character must have at least a 30 percent pass rate to take the exam and may pass it even with a percentage as low as that.

Characters are allowed to take one exam per week, regardless if they pass or fail. Characters may retake a failed exam on another week, but failure expends a seal. Once a character has passed an exam, they are given free access to that class and may switch into the class from the Inventory menu at any time.


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