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“Look at them... making themselves at home in MY country!”

Chagall is an enemy character from Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War. He is the arrogant and foolish king of Agustria during the first generation of the game's events.


As the last in line of Agustrian royalty and a descendant of Hoðr, Chagall is blessed with the utmost loyalty of Eldigan, whose ancestors swore to protect the royal family. Sadly enough, Chagall is later manipulated by Manfroy into killing his own father, the much loved King Imuka, between Chapters 1 and 2 in order to seize the throne for himself. As he attempts to move in to invade Grannvale, he is stopped in his tracks by Sigurd's army.

Chagall is saved by Eldigan, and lies low for six months until he decides to try to force Sigurd out of the country in a fit of the utmost indignance. However, he fails once again, resulting in his eventual death at the hands of Sigurd's army. If Lachesis manages to convince Eldigan to negotiate a truce with Chagall, he will promptly order for Eldigan's execution.



*Dropped when defeated


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Chagall is not a particularly difficult combatant in either of his appearances, as his overall stats are rather mediocre and he has low accuracy with the Silver Blade. It may take a few turns to defeat him since he has high HP and Defense, but he poses little threat to your units.


Battle Conversations[]

Chapter 2[]


“Grr... Don’t underestimate me! Do you really think you can defeat me!?”
—Chagall's Battle quote

Vs Lachesis

  • Chagall: Hey, aren’t you Eldigan’s sister? How dare you rise up against me!
  • Lachesis: You’re not MY king! Return my brother to me this instant!

Vs Erinys

  • Chagall: Mwahaha, it’s you... Finally realized the truth, did you? You stupid woman.
  • Erinys: Chagall! You lied to me… I cannot forgive you! Prepare yourself!

Chapter 3[]


“What... How dare you!? I am the king of Agustria, you disrespectful maggots! Crap... I'll make you pay for this!!”
—Battle quote

Vs. Sigurd

  • Chagall: Sigurd, you've made a fool of me far too long.
  • Sigurd: King Chagall, you've killed so many innocent people. And Eldigan... You're a despicable person!
  • Chagall: Idiot! You don't know what you're talking about! Die, Sigurd!!

Vs. Lachesis

  • Chagall: Heheheh... you're too late. Eldigan's already dead.
  • Lachesis: It's your fault that my brother... This is unforgivable...

Defeat Quote[]

“Uuh... W, wait... ...spare my life...”
—Chagall's defeat quote in Chapter 2
“M, my... Agustriaaa...”
—Chagall's defeat quote in Chapter 3

Choose Your Legends Placement History[]

Round Placement Character Version Votes

CYL7 414
CYL Chagall Portrait
Genealogy of the Holy War


  • Despite being stated to be a direct descendant of Hoðr,[1] Chagall does not possess Hoðr's holy blood. This is due to programming limitations, though canonically he would have minor Hoðr blood, as it was Hoðr's youngest daughter, not his eldest son, who inherited his major blood. This meant that Hoðr's major bloodline was locked into the Nordion household, giving Eldigan the major blood in his generation.
  • In the Mitsuki Oosawa manga adaptation, Chagall behaves in a very different manner, expressing his fear of death. He is later shown to commit suicide by leaping off the top of his castle when Sigurd's army arrives to battle him.
  • Chagall makes a cameo appearance during the A Knight, a Friend Lost Lore event in Fire Emblem Heroes.