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The Champion's Blade is the eponymous sword of the Fire Emblem: Hasha no Tsurugi manga. Forged from the bones of an Archdragon it is wielded by the manga's protagonist Al.


The Champion's Blade was forged by the Archdragons as a means of countering their own power in the event that it was ever misused. This was stated by the Archdragon Melitha as she lay dying after having been struck by an arrow while fleeing captivity of the Black Bone Clan with her young son Al and and former clan member Magough. Melitha upon her death fused her own body into the sword and left it in the care of Magough, who would spend many years tempering it.

Magough one day is seen polishing the blade as Al is shown to be training. After demonstrating a technique to and encouraging Al, the boy enquirers about the blade and whether or not Magough once used it. Magough denies this, saying that he could never wield it, and that only the strong can do so. Al then asks if the sword was meant for him, which Magough affirms that if he is able to obtain true strength, he could one day wield it.

Al would come to obtain that Champion's Blade near the end of the war with Bern, but only after returning to his childhood home and encountering Niime who helps him discover some of the truth to his past. He would then use the blade in his second battle with Zephiel after the latter breaks Al's third sword, this allowing him to parry a powerful attack by Zephiel and even damage him somewhat.

Al would use the Champion's Blade one final time in his battle against the Black Bone Clan's leader Audamorze as well as his father who was at the time being controlled. After severely wounding his father, and turning into a dragon as a result, Audamorze would steal Al's draconic power using the eight Legendary Weapons and transform into a dragon himself. Al was unable to land a blow on the newly transformed Audamorze, and was nearly crushed by him until Tiena intervened with the Legendary Weapon Aureola, though it had no effect. Upon reaffirming his resolve to defeat Audamorze, Al was visited by his mother whose spirit resided with the Champion's Blade and was summoned by his heart's resolve. She informs him that since an Archdragon's power is derived from despair, that the Champion's Blade's power is the same and questions whether the cycle of despair would ever end if one used despair to crush despair. She then tells him that despite being created by Archdragons, no one has ever seen the blades true power, but believes that he can unlock it with the power of his strong heart. Before disappearing she tells him to make his heart one with the Archdragon whose bones the Champion's Blade is made from.

Al does this, focusing, before finally unleashing a mighty blast of energy from the Champion's Blade, which destroys Audamorze completely with a great light. Al then is seen disappearing into the light.

Al reappears within a space inside the Archdragon, where the Champion's Blade guides him until he is harassed by specters of despair as well as Audamorze, which Al destroys with the sword. He is then confronted by the bones of the Archdragon and chooses to relinquish the sword back to it.


  • The Champion's Blade is Al's fourth Sword in the manga, as all others break throughout the course of the story.
    • Al's first sword breaks when he attempts to fight a dragon in the first volume.
    • Al's second sword, is broken by Zephiel during their first encounter at the Old Castle in Missur.
    • Al's third sword, as stated above, is again broken by Zephiel in their second and final encounter at Bern Castle.
  • Worthy of note, although the Champion's Blade is meant to counter Archdragons, it is unknown whether this means it is any more effective against other dragons.
    • It is stated in the manga however that the Archdragons are the first and most powerful dragons in Elibe, so it is possible that given an Archdragon's power, the weapon would be strong enough to harm dragons better than an ordinary weapon anyway even if not meant specifically to counter all dragons.