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The following is a list of chapters, paralogues and xenologues in Fire Emblem Heroes.

Main story

Book I

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Book II

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Book III

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Book IV

FEH Book 4 Chap 1.png

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Book V

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FEH Banner The Vital Blade.png

FEH Banner Night and Day.png

FEH Banner Treachery.png

FEH Banner Bound Elsewhere.png

FEH Banner Serpent's Whispers.png

FEH Banner Echoes of Truth.png

FEH Banner Howling Descent.png

FEH Banner Deceit.png

FEH Banner What Remains.png

FEH Banner Specter of Niðavellir.png

Book VI

FEH Banner Darkness.png

FEH Banner Curse Directive.png

FEH Banner Calling of Blood.png

FEH Banner Princess Alone.png

FEH Banner Evil Ways.png

FEH Banner Revealing Lies.png

FEH Banner To Be Emperor.png

  • Chapter 8:
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Banner A Sketchy Summer.png

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Banner Arrival of the Brave.png

Banner The Land's Bounty.png

Banner Brave Redux.png

Banner Adrift.png

Banner Gifts of Winter.png

Banner New Year's Wish.png

Banner Hostile Springs.png

Banner Greil's Devoted.png

Banner Regal Rabbits.png

Banner A Season For Picnics.png

Banner Bridal Belonging.png

Banner Summer Returns.png

Banner Summer Refreshes.png

Banner Brave Echoes.png

Banner A Splendid Soiree.png

Banner Treat Fiends.png

Banner Glorious Gifts.png

Banner Renewed Spirit.png

Banner A Star is Born.png

Banner Lovely Gifts.png

Banner Familial Festivities.png

Banner The Start of It All.png

Banner Bridal Beloveds.png

Banner Summer Passing.png

Banner Overseas Memories.png

Banner Pirate's Pride.png

Banner To Stay Dreaming.png

Banner Dragons Harvest.png

FEH Banner In the Moment.png

FEH Banner A Festival Miracle.png

FEH Banner Beyond Dreaming.png

FEH Banner Dark Desert Rituals.png

FEH Banner Love of a King.png

FEH Banner Willful Rabbits.png

FEH Banner Childhood Encounter.png

FEH Banner Bridal Grace.png

FEH Banner Summer Vibrance.png

FEH Banner Summer’s Dream.png

FEH Banner Perilous Seas.png

FEH Banner Scions of Twelve.png

FEH Banner Shared Bounty.png

FEH Banner Ninja Traning.png

FEH Banner Winter Dreamland.png

FEH Banner Like Clockwork.png

FEH Banner Of Lost Kingdoms.png

FEH Banner Here with Me.png

FEH Banner Hop-and-Go-Seek.png

FEH Banner Unlikely Friends.png

FEH Banner Bridal Blossoms.png


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