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Charge (突撃 Totsugeki, also known as Duel) is a Skill that only appears in Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War and Fire Emblem: Thracia 776. When activated by a particular user, the battle he/she participates in will be prolonged for at least one more round (highest amount of turns is 20, though anything above 5 is rare). In Thracia 776, it will always activate and initiate another round of combat if both the user's HP and Attack Speed are greater than that of the enemy's.


Genealogy of the Holy War[]

Name Activation Capacity
Charge.pngCharge [User's Attack Speed - Enemy's Attack Speed + (HP/2)]% -
Effects Activates 2-20 rounds of combat when user's HP is above or equal to 25.
Users Base skill of Naoise, Midayle, Jamke, Beowulf, Iucharba and Asaello.

Thracia 776[]

Name Activation Capacity
Charge.pngCharge 100% -
Effects Initiates another round of combat if user's Attack Speed and HP are greater than that of the enemy's.
Users Base skill of Dagdar, Selphina, Xavier and Conomore; Can be assigned with a ChargeM.pngCharge Manual.