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Chon'sin (ソンシン Sonshin in the Japanese version) is a country in Fire Emblem Awakening. It is located in Valm and it was formerly ruled by Yen'fay before being conquered by Walhart.


Chon'sin is one of many small countries in Valm. Most of its citizens are Myrmidons and Swordmasters, but the nation is generally peaceful. Chon'sin houses an ancient crypt where the bodies of many famous swordsmen lay to rest. According to Say'ri, genealogy is important as every citizen can trace their lineage through the legendary names of their ancestors.

Walhart, the ruler of the Kingdom of Valm, sought to unite the whole continent under his rule and thus eventually invaded Chon'sin. The Conqueror slaughtered thousands and even killed the king and queen of Chon'sin. Their son, Yen'fay assumed command of Chon'sin and decided to ally with Walhart to protect his country from further bloodshed. Disgusted by her brother's alliance with the man who killed their parents, Say'ri fled from Chon'sin and formed a resistance to stop the Valmese army. Walhart took Vert, the green gemstone belonging to the Fire Emblem as a trophy of his conquest of Chon'sin.

Known people from Chon'sin[]

  • Yen'fay - The former king of Chon'sin and brother of Say'ri.
  • Say'ri - The upright and dignified princess of the Chon'sin dynasty who has a direct approach and never forgives a crooked deed.
  • Lon'qu - A Myrmidon born in Chon'sin who is oddly skittish around women; fled to Regna Ferox after Ke'ri's death.
  • Ke'ri - Old friend of Lon'qu but killed by brigands.