Intro Cutscene Edit

  • "When we fight together, as foe can deter us! Let's go!"

Switching to Character Edit

  • "I'm going to finish this!"

Ally Assist Edit

  • (being healed, neutral) "Phew! Thank you for that."

Critical Lines Edit

Alone Edit


  • "Anything can change!"


  • "Let us open a path to fate, together!"
  • "I will fight!"

Dual Strike (neutral) Edit

As Support

  • "Let's end this!"

As Support (A)

  • "Together, we shall prevail!"

As Vanguard

  • "Yes. Onward, soldiers!"

As Vanguard (A)

  • "Yes. Nothing can stop us!"

Dual Strike (special) Edit

With Lucina Edit

With Lucina as Support (A)

  • Lucina: "Let's take this one, together, Father!"
  • Chrom: "Our family bond is stronger than steel!"
With Lissa Edit

With Lissa as Vanguard

  • Chrom: "I'm counting on you, Lissa!"
  • Lissa: "Let's go get 'em, Chrom!"

With Lissa as Support

  • ""
With Robin Edit

With Robin as Vanguard

  • Chrom: "Anything is possible, as long as we stand together!"
  • Robin: "Then we have nothing to fear!"

With Robin as Vanguard (Support Level A+)

  • Chrom: "Ready to end this friend?"
  • Robin: "I'm ready!"

With Robin as Support

  • Robin: "Let's sync our tasks!"
  • Chrom: "Together, we shall not fall!"

With Robin as Support (Support Level A+)

  • Robin: "Now Chrom!"
  • Chrom: "Got it, Let's go Robin!"
With Frederick Edit

With Frederick as Vanguard

  • Chrom: "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"
  • Frederick: "My strength is yours."

With Frederick as Support

  • Frederick: "Are you ready, sire?"
  • Chrom: "Yes, let's do this together, Frederick!"
With Celica Edit

With Celica as Vanguard

  • Chrom: "Celica, lend me your strength!"
  • Celica: "It is yours, Chrom!"

With Celica as Vanguard (A)

  • Chrom: "Let's do this together, Celica!"
  • Celica: "Lead the way, Chrom!"

With Celica as Support

  • Celica: "Let us act as one!"
  • Chrom: "All right, Celica! We can do this!"

With Celica as Support (A)

  • Celica: "Your presence gives me strength!"
  • Chrom: "That's right. Let's go, Celica!"
With Minerva Edit

With Minerva as Vanguard

  • Chrom: "Minerva! How about we strike together?"
  • Minerva: "As you wish!"

With Minerva as Support

  • Minerva: "Prince Chrom! Let's combine our efforts!"
  • Chrom: "Okay, but only if you stop calling me 'Prince.'"

During Battle Edit

Praise Lines Edit


  • "Well done! Keep it up!"


  • "Please, I don't deserve all the credit. I could never have done this alone."

Facing / Defeating an Enemy Edit

  • "I've defeated a commander."

Facing Frederick

  • Frederick: "Fight YOU, sire? B-but... WHY? This doesn't make any sense!"
  • Chrom: "Don't let your loyalty blind you, Frederick. Give me your best shot!"

Defeating Frederick

  • "I won because I know all of your moves and weaknesses, Frederick."

Facing Robin

  • Robin: "I guess fighting's our only option. Let's do this, Chrom!"
  • Chrom: "Very well. I suppose we'll finally see who's the stronger half!"

Defeating Robin

  • "That was well fought, Robin. In a way, we have both won."

Facing Cordelia

  • Cordelia: "Chrom?! No! What do I do?!"
  • Chrom: "Don't hesitate, Cordelia. Come at me with everything you've got."

Defeating Cordelia

  • "You're as strong as I expected, Cordelia. Nearly my equal."

Defeating Azura

  • "Well fought Azura. But it looks like I win this time."

Level Up Edit

  • "This power I feel is...unbelievable!"
  • "The training is paying off."

Death Lines Edit

  • "Ugh... I'm sorry, everyone..."

Victory Lines Edit

  • "It was an honor to help."
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