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|title =Chrom
|image =[[File:Chrom (FE13 Artwork).png|260px]]<br>Official artwork of Chrom from ''[[Fire Emblem Awakening]]''.
|name =
|jap_name ={{Hover|クロム|Kuromu}}
|fullname =
|jap_fullname =
|alias =
|jap_alias =
|gender =Male
|race =[[Human]]
|birthday =May 27
|nationality =[[Ylisse (country)|Ylisse]]
|residence =[[Ylisstol]]
|faction(s) =The [[Shepherds]]
|occupation(s) = Prince of Ylisse<br>Captain of the Shepherds<br>East-Khan Champion<br>[[Exalt]] of Ylisse
|relatives =[[Altean Royal Lineage|Altea Royalty]] (Ancestors)<br>[[First Exalt]] (Ancestor)<br>[[Emmeryn]] (Sister)<br>[[Lissa]] (Sister)<br>[[Lucina]] (Daughter)<br>[[Owain]] (Nephew)<br>[[Ophelia]] (Grandniece)
|game =[[Fire Emblem Awakening]]<br>[[Fire Emblem Fates]] (DLC)<br>[[Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE]]<br>[[Fire Emblem Heroes]]<br>[[Fire Emblem Warriors]]
|firstseen =Premonition: [[Invisible Ties (Premonition)|Invisible Ties]] (Awakening)<br>Xenologue 1: [[Before Awakening]] (Fates)<br>Prologue: [[Reincarnation]] (TMS♯FE)
|class =[[Lord]]
|mirage =
|voiceby ='''Japanese'''<br>[[wikipedia:Tomokazu Sugita|Tomokazu Sugita]]<ref>[]</ref><br>'''English'''<br>[[wikipedia:Matthew Mercer|Matthew Mercer]]}}
{{Quote|You honor me with your fealty. I will not falter again. We shall answer this outrage! The Mad King must be stopped!|Chrom speaking to the Shepherds at the end of Chapter 10, Renewal.}}
'''Chrom''' is the main protagonist of ''[[Fire Emblem Awakening]]''. Chrom is prince of the halidom of [[Ylisse]]. He is the brother of [[Lissa]] and [[Emmeryn]], [[Lucina]]'s father, and a direct descendant of [[Marth]].
Chrom is the prince, and eventual [[Exalt]], of the Halidom of [[Ylisse (country)|Ylisse]]. He is a direct descendant of the [[First Exalt]], and a distant descendant of the Hero-King, [[Marth]]. He is also the captain of Ylisse's elite force, the [[Shepherds]], and wields the legendary blade [[Falchion]]. He is the brother of [[Lissa]] and [[Emmeryn]], the father of [[Lucina]], the uncle of [[Owain]], and can potentially be the father of [[Kjelle]], [[Inigo]], [[Brady]], [[Cynthia]], or [[Morgan (Awakening)|Morgan]]. He leads his Shepherds force to protect the peace when the neighboring nation of [[Plegia]] begins acting suspiciously. He has a strong sense of justice and is a crucial member of his squad. He breaks the most things during army practice.
===Ylisse-Plegia War===
While out on patrol near Ylisse's border, Chrom finds a stranger lying unconscious on the ground, [[Robin]]. Though [[Frederick]] is initially wary, Chrom finds no danger in Robin. Once Robin helps Chrom deal with some Plegian brigands that have attacked [[Southtown]], Chrom makes Robin the Shepherds' tactician. That night, Chrom and Lissa are attacked by [[Risen]] from a mysterious portal. Chrom manages to kill one of the Risen, but a second one nearly kills [[Lissa]], prevented by the timely arrival of a masked warrior. After dispatching all of the remaining Risen, the masked warrior introduces himself as "Marth" and warns Chrom of future calamities yet to come before leaving. Upon returning home to [[Ylisstol]], Emmeryn sends Chrom to convince the [[Basilio|Khan of Ferox]] to aid them against the Plegians. As Chrom arrives at Ferox's borders, he is forced to fight [[Raimi]], as the latter believes that he may be an impostor due to the Plegians attacking Ferox with several soldiers looking like Chrom. After Raimi realizes that this Chrom is the real deal, she takes them to [[Flavia]]. Chrom asks her for help but she cannot help them unless they can beat Basilio's champion in the upcoming tournament. He encounters a warrior named "Marth", the very same man who saved Lissa's life from the Risen, who is now Basilio's new champion. Chrom challenges him and is impressed by his skill. They beat Basilio's new champion, allowing Flavia to become the new Khan, who sends the help they need.
After returning to Ylisse, Chrom, Lissa and Emmeryn are informed that [[Maribelle]] has been captured by Plegian forces who accuse her of being a spy. Emmeryn decides to go alone, but for fear of the Plegians attempting to hurt her, Chrom goes with. At the Ylisse-Plegia border, they meet Gangrel, the king of Plegia who will only release Maribelle if he gets the Fire Emblem. Chrom persuades Emmeryn not to give it to him, however before Emmeryn makes her requirements for peace Gangrel orders a Plegian soldier to take it by force. Chrom, worried about his older sister's life, attacks the soldier. The mad king takes it as a declaration of war, and begins a battle against the Shepards. They repel the initial group of attackers and returns to Ylisse.
Later, "Marth" reappears inside the Ylisstol garden and warns Chrom of a planned assassination of Emmeryn that night. To prove his good intentions, he slays a nearby assassin planning on killing Chrom. However, another appears and Marth falters. Marth's mask is cut in half as he barely dodges the strike, while Chrom manages to kill the assassin. The broken mask reveals to Chrom that Marth is actually a woman, but he doesn't have much time to mull over the details. He quickly rushes into the castle at the sound of an explosion and finds Plegian assassins making their way to Emmeryn. After successfully stopping [[Validar]] and the attempted assassination, Chrom encourages Emmeryn to leave the capital, which she reluctantly agrees to. Just after leaving the capital, Chrom receives news from [[Cordelia]], who was sent by her fellow [[Pegasus Knight]]s to notify Emmeryn, that Ylisstol was attacked by Plegia. Fearful for her people, Emmeryn decides to return to Ylisstol despite Chrom's objections. Emmeryn gives the [[Binding Shield|Fire Emblem]] to Chrom and assures him that she knows he'll rescue her. Emmeryn leaves the protection of the Shepherds and returns to Ylisstol, where she is promptly captured by Gangrel.
Chrom rushes back to Ylisstol and finds out that Emmeryn has been taken to Plegia, where she will be executed. Chrom and Robin devise a rescue plan, and it is nearly successful, but as [[Phila]] is about to rescue her, a group of Risen archers warp in and kill Phila and her accompanying Pegasus Knights. Gangrel leaves Chrom with two options; surrender and give up the Fire Emblem, or have Emmeryn killed. Before Chrom can make a decision, Emmeryn sacrifices herself by leaping off a cliff, falling to her death. Immediately after, Basilio arrives on scene along with [[Olivia]] to escort Chrom and the others to the safety of Ferox. Chrom wishes to get her body but, is quickly stopped from making a careless mistake and escapes unharmed. Upon arriving at the [[Border Wastes]], Chrom hears news that Plegia's army has begun to fall apart, due to Emmeryn's words, and realizes the effects of his sister's sacrifice. The Shepards meet up with the leader of the Border Waste troops, Mustafa. He gives them the choice of surrendering with a lesser sentence or battling to the death. Clouded by grief and fury, Chrom states he will kill every last Plegian on that land. The battle ends with the tragic death of Mustafa. With the battle over and him given time to think, Chrom blames himself for the death of his sister, doubting his ability to protect anyone else he loves in his life. However, thanks to the words of his army, Chrom builds a new resolve to end the war and avenge Emmeryn. Chrom proceeds to battle Gangrel's remaining forces and, after a long battle, Gangrel is defeated. Chrom takes up the role of Exalt of Ylisse, though he does not yet accept the title.
===Conquest of Valm===
Two years after the end of the Ylisse-Plegia war, Chrom is married and is father to a baby girl, [[Lucina]]. Unfortunately, a new menace is threatening the continent of Ylisse: the [[Valm]] Empire. Chrom goes to Ferox in response to Flavia's request for help. Even with their combined strength, the two forces barely manage to take out the vanguards. Robin decides that the only way to stop them from invading is by attacking Valm itself. As the two countries do not have a navy of sorts, they also suggest to go to Plegia, which Chrom refuses to because of the war two years ago. However, with no other choice, he reluctantly agrees and meets with Validar, the new king of Plegia, who quickly offers him all the ships and funds he needs. That night, the Shepherds are ambushed by Risen. Though they manage to fend off most of them, an [[Assassin]] warps in behind Chrom, only to be saved by "Marth". "Marth" reveals that she is actually Chrom's daughter, Lucina, who traveled into the past to stop an apocalyptic future in which the entire Shepherds are dead and the world is on the brink of destruction from a great dragon named [[Grima (character)|Grima]].
During Chrom's trials in Valm, he first rescues [[Say'ri]] at the Valmese Port. As thanks, she takes him to meet [[Tiki]] at the [[Mila Tree]]. Tiki warns Chrom that he does not have the means to defeat the Fell Dragon unless he can complete the Fire Emblem. With only one gemstone, the white Gemstone Argent in it, Tiki entrusts Chrom with the blue Gemstone, Azure, and tasks him with finding the remaining three to complete the Emblem. After capturing [[Fort Steiger]], [[Basilio]] decides to stall [[Walhart]] to give Chrom and his army time to take down [[Yen'fay]], but Basilio is critically wounded by the Conqueror himself. Near death, Basilio gives Flavia the red gemstone, Gules, to give to Chrom. After taking down [[Yen'fay]] at the [[Demon's Ingle]], Chrom learns of the West Khan's demise and receives the red jewel from Flavia, and his army begins a full assault on [[Valm Castle]]. After a long battle outside and inside the castle, Walhart and the Valmese army are defeated. Say'ri recovers the green gemstone, Vert, and entrusts it to Chrom. With four of the five gemstones on the Fire Emblem, Chrom searches for the last one.
===Fate of the World===
After taking down Walhart, Chrom and Robin receive news that Validar is going to give them the final gemstone for the Fire Emblem. Upon arriving in Plegia's castle, Validar betrays Chrom and tries to take the Fire Emblem. Robin, Chrom, and Lucina attempt to flee the castle, but just as they're about to escape, Validar warps in and attacks Chrom. After weakening Chrom, Validar orders Robin to take the Fire Emblem from Chrom, which they do against their will. Validar takes the Emblem and disappears to [[The Dragon's Table (location)|the Dragon's Table]] to perform the ritual to awaken Grima. As Chrom plans how they are going to get the Fire Emblem back, Robin tells him to leave them behind so Validar cannot control them. However, Chrom reminds them that was not their fault and that he needs them. Later, Chrom witnesses Lucina trying to kill Robin to change the future, but Chrom stops her and tells her to trust in Robin as he does.
Robin tells Chrom that if they are controlled yet again, Chrom must kill them before they kill anyone else, which Chrom reluctantly agrees to. After defeating Validar at the Dragon's Table, it appears that Robin is possessed by Grima yet again and kills Chrom. Lucina is horrified and Validar declares that he has won, or so he thinks. Basilio makes a sudden appearance, revealing that he survived his near-fatal wounds, and Robin stands back up and attacks Validar, revealing that due to a [[Invisible Ties (Premonition)|premonition]], they knew what was going to happen and prepared countermeasures to prevent it. Chrom also stands up, mostly uninjured, since Robin held back some of their power. The duo proceeds to take down Validar once and for all.
After killing Validar a second time, a mysterious black figure warps in and takes on the appearance of Robin, revealing that they are the Fell Dragon incarnate. Grima explains that he is the Grima from the future Lucina came from in the body of Robin of that timeline and has come to stop her so he can continue to reign supreme. Grima proceeds to finish the ritual to awaken the Grima of the present form, causing the temple to collapse. Chrom and Lucina manage to get out of the building, but witness the rebirth of Grima. However, all is not lost: during their escape, Robin managed to snatch the Fire Emblem back from Validar's corpse. With new hope of slaying the Fell Dragon, Chrom is told to head to [[Mount Prism]] to perform the [[Awakening (term)|Awakening]]. Chrom is deemed worthy by [[Naga (character)|Naga]] to receive her power and unlocks the [[Falchion]]'s true potential as the Exalted Falchion. However, Chrom learns that he cannot fully slay Grima, as the only one who can do so is one with Grima's own power. Even with the power of the Falchion, he can only put Grima back to sleep for a thousand years.
Naga points Chrom to [[Origin Peak]] where Grima lies, growing stronger. Upon arrival, Robin realizes that if they deal the final blow, Grima would be "killed by his own hand." Naga warns them that if they do so, they will not survive if their bonds in this world are not strong enough. Chrom does not want Robin to sacrifice their life, but they feel that it may be necessary. The Grima-possessed Robin jumps onto Grima's back and instantly casts a spell on all of Chrom's army, severely weakening them. After Grima gives Robin the choice to accept his powers or not, Grima pulls Robin into a dark void. Chrom and the rest of the army yell to Robin to return to them to finish their task. After Robin breaks free from the void, Naga heals Chrom and his army and they proceed to take down Grima.
Depending on Robin's choice to deal with Grima, one of two endings will occur. If Chrom is chosen to finish Grima, Grima is put back into a deep slumber. Robin feels guilty that they did not sacrifice themselves, but Chrom assures them that the entire army agreed and that in the distant future, their descendants will be able to deal with Grima once more. However, should Robin slay Grima, the Fell Dragon falls, but Robin begins to disappear. Chrom's army is saddened by their sacrifice but, remembering Naga's words, Chrom reminds everyone that they will return as long as their bonds are strong. Chrom, in the meantime, vows to search for Robin while their countries recover. After an undisclosed amount of time, Chrom and Lissa find Robin and welcome back their old friend, in a scene mirroring the one at the start of the game.
After the war, Chrom was welcomed as the new Exalt of the halidom. He ushered in an age of peace with his perseverance and his wife at his side.
===''Fire Emblem Fates''===
Chrom appears with other characters from ''Awakening'' in a [[Before Awakening|free DLC episode]]. While pursuing a group of phantom soldiers, [[Corrin]] and their party encounter the [[Outrealm Gate]]. Passing into Ylisse, Corrin encounters Chrom, Lissa, and Frederick. While they first suspect that Corrin's group are from Plegia, the phantom soldiers appear and the group work together to defeat them. During optional conversations, Chrom reveals that he heard of [[Hoshido]] and [[Nohr]] in myths and legends. After the enemy is routed, Corrin thanks Chrom for the help, as he thanks them in return. Chrom mentions that it sounds like their country is in trouble with beasts like this, and offers that Corrin and company stay here for the time being. He mentions two legendary treasures; the Hero's Brand and Exalt's Brand, that may help them return, but Frederick and Lissa warn he must first ask Emmeryn. Corrin declines wanting to take such precious items, but Chrom insists that Emmeryn would hear them out and want to help above all else. Corrin then accepts the gifts, and the two promise to meet again to discuss about each others countries.
After Corrin and their party return to their world, Lissa wonders who those mysterious people were, but Chrom feels like they will meet again somewhere, which Lissa will agree to. Lissa says Corrin was good at tactics, and Chrom remarks they could really use a good tactician. At the end of the scenario, Chrom, Lissa, and Frederick notice a collapsed person in the distance and they then encounter Robin, leading into the opening of ''Awakening''.
Chrom is a direct and committed person, unflinchingly charging forward to achieve that which he believes in. He cares greatly for those around him and in his service, paying close attention to them and their needs. He believes that as a leader, he must show strength in the face of fatigue and the burden of great work, so as to be an example and inspiration to others.
He is protective of his sisters, especially Emmeryn, but, despite his protests, never argues with Emmeryn's final decisions. While he has the utmost respect for Emmeryn's pacifistic ways, and following her death seeks to honor her legacy, he believes that in the end force will be necessary to counteract those who would endanger a peaceful world and that if he must, he is willing to fight and kill to defend the peace. Chrom deeply cares for Lissa's well-being as well, making sure to take care of her while they are off at war.
Chrom has the utmost faith in other people, particularly his friends and allies. No matter the circumstance or risk, he will attempt to aid anyone in need he encounters, fully aware of and willing to risk any potential consequences if it means. His interest in aiding people goes beyond merely helping them: he is always seeking to forge new bonds of friendship and that doing so improves himself, his army and the people of the world. He believes strongly in the power of unity, attesting that a united front tightly bound by friendship and trust can together overcome even the most powerful of individuals.
Walhart notes that Chrom follows the Path of Kings: a person who lives with and for the people, as Chrom himself states that his strength comes from his comrades. By his own admission, Chrom will help anyone in need without a moment's hesitation. He trusts anyone after witnessing them in action, having given his trust to Lucina before her revelation and to Robin, despite other people's warnings. Chrom shares a special bond with Robin, especially with the female Robin if he is married to her, and unwaveringly believes in them and trusts them implicitly even after finding out about their true heritage.
Not considering himself superior to anyone else just because of his royalty, Chrom much prefers to lead his Shepherds into battle than perform formal duties, finding the life of a royal to be stifling and a hassle at times, though he becomes aware that such a luxurious life shouldn't be taken for granted. After becoming Exalt, he assumes a more serious posture, aspiring to follow Emmeryn's ideals, though not taking it as far as she does.
===''[[Fire Emblem Awakening]]''===
====Base Stats====
=====[[Invisible Ties (Premonition)|Premonition]]=====
|game = fe13
|image = [[File:FE13 Chrom Lord Map Sprite.gif]][[Lord]]
|Level = 20
|HP = 41
|Str = 20
|Mag = 3
|Skl = 17
|Spd = 15
|Lck = 18
|Def = 20
|Res = 14
|Move = 5
|Skills = None
|Weapon = [[File:SwordIconFE13.png|17px]][[Sword]] - B
|Item = [[File:Binding Falchion icon.png]][[Falchion]]<br>[[File:Silver_Sword_FE13_Icon.png]][[Silver Sword]]
=====[[The Verge of History|Prologue]]=====
|game = fe13
|image = [[File:FE13 Chrom Lord Map Sprite.gif]][[Lord]]
|Level = 1
|HP = 20
|Str = 7
|Mag = 1
|Skl = 8
|Spd = 8
|Lck = 5
|Def = 7
|Res = 1
|Move = 5
|Skills = [[File:DuelAttackPlus.png]][[Dual Strike+]]
|Weapon = [[File:SwordIconFE13.png|17px]][[Sword]] - E
|Item = [[File:Binding Falchion icon.png]][[Falchion]]<br>[[File:Rapier FE13 Icon.png]][[Rapier]]<br>[[File:Vulnerary FE13 Icon.png]][[Vulnerary]]
====Growth Rates====
====Max Stat Modifers====
| +1
| 0
| +1
| +1
| +1
| -1
| -1
'''Romantic Supports'''
*[[Robin]] (Female)
'''Other Supports'''
*[[Robin]] (Male)
*[[Brady]] (Only if Chrom is his father)
*[[Cynthia]] (Only if Chrom is her father)
*[[Inigo]] (Only if Chrom is his father)
*[[Kjelle]] (Only if Chrom is her father)
*[[Morgan (Awakening)|Morgan]] (Only if Chrom is his father)
[[File:Village_maiden.png|right|thumb|100px|The village maiden Chrom marries if certain conditions are not met.]]
If Chrom has not achieved an S-Support by the end of [[Mad King Gangrel|Chapter 11]], he will be automatically married to one of his marriage candidates as long as they have not been married or incapacitated.
The order follows, assuming all five are unmarried and have achieved the same support level with Chrom at the end of Chapter 11:
#[[Robin]] (Female)
However, there are two special circumstances:
#If Chrom has gained at least 18 support points with Olivia and has not achieved a C-Support with any of the other candidates, he will marry Olivia.
#If Chrom has not gained 9 support points with any of the 5 women and/or all 5 are married or incapacitated, Chrom will marry a nameless village maiden.
Chrom will only pass down the skills [[Aether]] and [[Rightful King]] to his potential children: Lucina and his other daughters ([[Cynthia]] and [[Kjelle]]) will inherit Aether, while any of his sons ([[Brady]], [[Inigo]], and [[Morgan (Awakening)|Morgan]]) inherit Rightful King, even if Chrom has not learned those skills or does not have them equipped in his last skill slot at their recruitment.
====Class Sets====
|baseclass= [[File:FE13 Chrom Lord Map Sprite.gif]][[Lord]]
|promotedclass1= [[File:FE13 Chrom Great Lord.gif]][[Great Lord]]
|promotedclass2= -}}
|baseclass= [[File:FE13 Chrom Cavalier.gif]][[Cavalier]]
|promotedclass1= [[File:FE13 Chrom Paladin.gif]][[Paladin]]
|promotedclass2= [[File:FE13 Chrom Great Knight.gif]][[Great Knight]]}}
|baseclass= [[File:FE13 Chrom Archer Map Sprite.gif]][[Archer]]
|promotedclass1= [[File:FE13 Chrom Sniper.gif]][[Sniper]]
|promotedclass2= [[File:FE13 Chrom Bow Knight Map Sprite.gif]][[Bow Knight]]}}
|baseclass= [[Dread Fighter]]<br>'''([[File:Dread Scroll FE13.png]][[Dread Scroll]] required)'''
|promotedclass1= -
|promotedclass2= -}}
=====Base Class=====
As the main Lord of the game, Chrom is one of the best units you will have. Given his mandatory usage in all chapters, Chrom should have no problem leveling up and getting good stats. His good strength, speed, luck, and skill will make Chrom a formidable offensive force in your army, and he can get rather good defense as well, but he should be wary around mages due to his low resistance growth. His Lord skills [[Dual Strike+]] and [[Charm]] are moderately good skills in the first half of the game, but lose effectiveness later as your army grows stronger.
Upon promotion to Great Lord, Chrom's attributes stay the same but with higher caps. Chrom also gains the ability to use lances, giving him ranged options with [[Javelin]] weapons. He will also learn [[Aether]], his primary attacking skill, and one of the strongest skills in the game. His second Great Lord skill is [[Rightful King]], increasing the activation rates of several skills that Chrom can have. Compounding his Great Lord skills gives Chrom's offensive role more prominence, further solidifying him as a primary offensive unit.
Chrom also has the distinction of being one of four characters to have a personal weapon. Chrom starts with the [[Falchion]], which deals effective damage against dragon units. Though the Falchion cannot break, it is only as strong as an [[Iron Sword]], with a lower hit rate. While it is reliable and eliminates the need to pay for replacements, Chrom may have to use stronger swords if more damage output is needed from him until Chapter 24, where he will perform the Awakening and obtain the Exalted Falchion, which is much more powerful, as the name suggests.
In addition to being a very strong weapon outright, the Exalted Falchion gains the ability to deal effective damage against [[Grima (character)|Grima]], making Chrom's role in the final chapter more important. It will become Chrom's primary sword and is the second strongest sword in the game, surpassed only by [[Mercurius]] and tied with [[Tyrfing]] and an un-forged [[Alm's Blade]]. However, unlike the other swords, the Exalted Falchion retains its unbreakable property, making it almost infinitely more useful. Chrom can also now use the sword like an item to replenish 20 HP, eliminating his need to carry [[Vulnerary|Vulneraries]] or [[Concoction]]s as well. Also, Chrom serves as the only [[Supply Convoy]] unit in ''Awakening''. Since the Convoy in ''Awakening'' can carry an indefinite amount of items, he will need to be used if the player starts the battle and needs to resupply weapons, staves and miscellaneous items for other characters.
Chrom's additional two class sets are the Archer and Cavalier, and rarely enough, Chrom can perform well in nearly every promoted class he has access to.
Unfortunately, few of the skills from the Archer class tree are particularly useful for Chrom. [[Hit Rate +20]] from the [[Sniper]] class can help Chrom land blows, which can be useful on higher difficulties when enemies are much more evasive. The only other skill from the Archer class tree that may interest Chrom is [[Bowfaire]], which provides him with a great offense as either bow class, either of which Chrom can do fine in; as a Sniper, Chrom loses access to his coveted Exalted Falchion, but becomes capable of epic [[Longbow]] or [[Double Bow]] poking thanks to his strong offensive skills in Aether and [[Luna (Skill)|Luna]]. While [[Bow Knight]] is a more lackluster class in general, it grants Chrom the use of both his signature sword as well as his strong, Bowfaire-boosted ranged attacks.
As a [[Paladin]], Chrom essentially becomes a mounted Great Lord, having only to contend with the weakness to [[Beast Killer]]s in exchange for access to Defender, another decent pair-up skill (though perhaps overshadowed by the likes of Dual Strike+ and [[Dual Guard+]]), and [[Aegis]], (the far superior option to the Bow Knight class's [[Bowbreaker]] skill due to its added ability to reduce magic damage) yet another skill boosted by Rightful King.
As a [[Great Knight]], Chrom is a lot slower, but has access to some of his best non-Lord skills in Luna and [[Dual Guard+]]. While Luna might seem unnecessary alongside Aether, seeing as the latter is essentially an upgraded version of Luna, running both actually boosts Chrom's potential to activate one of them: while Luna has a higher activation rate, Aether will always out-prioritize it, meaning that if Aether does not activate then Chrom has a high chance to deal extra damage per attack—especially in conjunction with Rightful King. Meanwhile Dual Guard+ in conjunction with Dual Strike+ makes any pair-up involving Chrom all the more potent.
===''[[Fire Emblem Heroes]]''===
;Exalted Prince
:''A prince of Ylisse and descendant of the Hero-King. Leads the Shepherds. Appears in Fire Emblem Awakening.''
====Base Stats====
Rarity: {{Selector}}
|image=[[File:Heroes Chrom Sprite (3*).png|120px]]<br>Exalted Prince
|Group=[[File:Heroes Infantry.png|25px]] Infantry
|Weapon={{Weapon|feh|sword}} [[Sword]]
|Skill=[[File:FEH skill offense.png|20px]] [[Steel Sword]]
|image=[[File:Heroes Chrom Sprite (4*).png|120px]]<br>Exalted Prince
|Group=[[File:Heroes Infantry.png|25px]] Infantry
|Weapon={{Weapon|feh|sword}} [[Sword]]
|Skill=[[File:FEH skill offense.png|20px]] [[Silver Sword]]<br>[[File:FEH skill special.png|20px]] [[Daylight]]
|image=[[File:Heroes Chrom Sprite (5*).png|120px]]<br>Exalted Prince
|Group=[[File:Heroes Infantry.png|25px]] Infantry
|Weapon={{Weapon|feh|sword}} [[Sword]]
|Skill=[[File:FEH skill offense.png|20px]] [[Falchion]]<br>[[File:FEH skill special.png|20px]] [[Daylight]]
|weapon 1 = [[Iron Sword]]
|weapon 2 = [[Steel Sword]]**3
|weapon 3 = [[Silver Sword]]**4*3
|weapon 4 = [[Falchion]]*[[Silver Sword]]*5*5
|special 1 =[[New Moon]]**5
|special 2 =[[Luna]]*[[New Moon]]**5
|special 3 =[[Aether]]*[[Luna]]**5
|passive A 1 = [[Defiant Defense|Defiant Def 1]]
|passive A 2 = [[Defiant Defense|Defiant Def 2]]*[[Defiant Defense|Defiant Def 1]]**3
|passive A 3 = [[Defiant Defense|Defiant Def 3]]*[[Defiant Defense|Defiant Def 2]]**4
|passive C 1 = [[Spur Defense|Spur Def 1]]***3
|passive C 2 = [[Spur Defense|Spur Def 2]]*[[Spur Defense|Spur Def 1]]**4
|passive C 3 = [[Spur Defense|Spur Def 3]]*[[Spur Defense|Spur Def 2]]**5
=====Base Set=====
Out of the five Falchion users, Chrom possesses the highest HP, DEF, and ATK, allowing him to defeat most units in a single attack and take many physical hits. Base Falchion grants Chrom an innate [[Renewal|Renewal 2]] skill, healing him every three turns, and deals effective damage against Dragon units. With the later received Ylissean Falchion refine, Chrom gains 4 points to Atk/Spd/Def/Res whenever he engages in combat near an ally, giving him more combat prowess when sticking close to allies and stacks on Hone skills and other buffs. He has [[Aether]], a slow charging attack, but immensely powerful, though he is not the best user of the skill. He has [[Defiant Defense]] for his Skill A which increases his Def bulk when lower on health, but ultimately is not quite as useful as many other A Slot skills. [[Spur Defense]] increases his allies defenses when in combat near him.
Chrom possesses the lowest SPD of the five Falchion users, making it easy for units to double him, especially mages who can tear through his low Res. [[Reinhardt]], [[Olwen]], [[Delthea]], and [[Linde]] all easily take care of him while most Red Mages can too and even strong Green Mages like [[Nino]] and [[Elise|Summer Elise]] can kill him. Bulky blue units like [[Ephraim]], [[Tana]], and [[Effie]] also similarly counter him as they can endure his strikes and retaliate with Weapon advantage.
=====Skill Inheritance Options=====
Chrom has two separate builds depending on player preference.
Chrom does not need to retain his Falchion as he works well with a [[Brave Sword|Brave Sword+]] since his low speed is not heavily impacted by the Brave speed penalty, thus taking on a more offensive build. [[Reposition]] is his most balanced option support skill and is his preferred one if using a Brave Sword. His high Defense makes him a great candidate for [[Bonfire]] as its faster charge than Aether is more reliable for maximum damage. [[Death Blow]] synchs well with Brave Sword since it's bonus attack only happens when he initiates. [[Drag Back]] or [[Hit an Run]] offers interesting spacing when he attacks while [[Swordbreaker]] takes some of the threat away from enemy sword units whom most will have higher speed than he does. Finally [[Threaten Defense]] shreds enemy Def for more devastating damage.
If keeping his Falchion, Chrom is not a very strong duelist when compared to [[Lucina]] or [[Marth]], but can go for bulk and constant health regeneration. [[Ardent Sacrifice]] can be given to him to heal allies since he can self maintain his own health. Running Sol keeps him well healed and can be chosen over Aether, trading the damage potentially dealt for less attacks needed to activate. Fury boosts his stats to manageable levels, even when considering the health deduction since he will heal them back every two turns. Renewal increases the regen to 20 HP, keeping him topped off after nearly every encounter. Panic Ploy can be used to ensure that enemies who rely on buffs are punished while running [[Threaten Defense]] or [[Threaten Attack]] either shreds defense or weakens his enemies so he can continue to regenerate.
|-|Spring Festival=
;Spring Exalt
:''A prince of Ylisse and descendant of the Hero-King. Dressed to celebrate the spring festival. Appears in Fire Emblem Awakening.''
====Base Stats====
Rarity: ✯✯✯✯✯
|image=[[File:Spring Chrom.PNG|120px]]<br>Spring Exalt
|Group=[[File:Heroes Infantry.png|25px]] Infantry
|Weapon={{Weapon|feh|axe}} [[Axe]]
|Skill=[[File:FEH skill offense.png|20px]] [[Carrot Axe|Carrot Axe+]]<br>[[File:FEH skill support.png|20px]] [[Shove]]
|weapon 1 = [[Iron Axe]]
|weapon 2 = [[Steel Axe]]
|weapon 3 = [[Carrot Axe]]
|weapon 4 = [[Carrot Axe|Carrot Axe+]]*[[Carrot Axe]]*5
|assist 1 = [[Shove]]**5
|passive A 1 = [[Defense +|Defense +1]]
|passive A 2 = [[Attack Defense|Atk/Def +1]]*[[Defense +|Defense +1]] or [[Attack +|Attack +1]]
|passive A 3 = [[Attack Defense|Atk/Def +2]]*[[Attack Defense|Atk/Def +1]]**5
|passive C 1 = [[Axe Experience|Axe Experience 1]]
|passive C 2 = [[Axe Experience|Axe Experience 2]]*[[Axe Experience|Axe Experience 1]]
|passive C 3 = [[Axe Experience|Axe Experience 3]]*[[Axe Experience|Axe Experience 2]]**5
|-|Winter's Envoy=
;Gifted Leader
:''A prince of Ylisse and descendant of the Hero-King. He was summoned in the middle of a party for a winter festival. Appears in Fire Emblem Awakening.''
====Base Stats====
Rarity: ✯✯✯✯✯
|image=[[File:Winter Chrom.PNG|140px]]<br>Gifted Leader
|Group=[[File:Heroes Armored.png|25px]] Armored
|Weapon={{Weapon|feh|axe}} [[Axe]]
|Skill=[[File:FEH skill offense.png|20px]] [[Sack o' Gifts|Sack o' Gifts+]]<br>[[File:FEH skill support.png|20px]] [[Pivot]]
|weapon 1 = [[Iron Axe]]
|weapon 2 = [[Steel Axe]]
|weapon 3 = [[Sack o' Gifts]]
|weapon 4 = [[Sack o' Gifts|Sack o' Gifts+]]*[[Sack o' Gifts]]*5
|assist 1 = [[Pivot]]**5
|passive A 1 = [[Brazen Attack Defense|Brazen Atk/Def 1]]
|passive A 2 = [[Brazen Attack Defense|Brazen Atk/Def 2]]*[[Brazen Attack Defense|Brazen Atk/Def 1]]
|passive A 3 = [[Brazen Attack Defense|Brazen Atk/Def 3]]*[[Brazen Attack Defense|Brazen Atk/Def 2]]**5
|passive B 1 = [[Wary Fighter|Wary Fighter 1]]
|passive B 2 = [[Wary Fighter|Wary Fighter 2]]*[[Wary Fighter|Wary Fighter 1]]
|passive B 3 = [[Wary Fighter|Wary Fighter 3]]*[[Wary Fighter|Wary Fighter 2]]**5
|-|Knight Exalt=
;Knight Exalt
:''The Prince of Ylisse, awakened to a new power. Bravely rides into battle on his stalwart steed. Appears in Fire Emblem Awakening.''
====Base Stats====
Rarity: ✯✯✯✯✯
|image=[[File:Great Lord Chrom.PNG|150px]]<br>Knight Exalt
|Group=[[File:Heroes Cavalry.png|25px]] Cavalry
|Weapon={{Weapon|feh|sword}} [[Sword]]
|Skill=[[File:FEH skill offense.png|20px]] [[Falchion|Sealed Falcion]]<br>[[File:FEH skill special.png|20px]] [[New Moon]]
|weapon 1 = [[Iron Sword]]
|weapon 2 = [[Steel Sword]]
|weapon 3 = [[Silver Sword]]
|weapon 4 = [[Falchion|Sealed Falchion]]*[[Silver Sword]]*5*5
|special 1 =[[New Moon]]**5
|special 2 =[[Luna]]*[[New Moon]]**5
|special 3 =[[Aether]]*[[Luna]]**5
|passive A 1 = [[Fury|Fury 1]]
|passive A 2 = [[Fury|Fury 2]]*[[Fury|Fury 1]]
|passive A 3 = [[Fury|Fury 3]]*[[Fury|Fury 2]]**5
|passive B 1 = [[Chill Defense|Chill Def 1]]
|passive B 2 = [[Chill Defense|Chill Def 2]]*[[Chill Defense|Chill Def 1]]
|passive B 3 = [[Chill Defense|Chill Def 3]]*[[Chill Defense|Chill Def 2]]**5
|passive C 1 = [[Sword Valor|Sword Valor 1]]
|passive C 2 = [[Sword Valor|Sword Valor 2]]*[[Sword Valor|Sword Valor 1]]
|passive C 3 = [[Sword Valor|Sword Valor 3]]*[[Sword Valor|Sword Valor 2]]**5
===''[[Fire Emblem Warriors]]''===
====Base Stats====
|game = few
|image = [[File:FE13 Chrom Lord Map Sprite.gif]] [[Lord]]
|Level = 4
|HP = 82
|Str = 10
|Mag = 2
|Skl = 10
|Spd = 10
|Lck = 9
|Def = 10
|Res = 8
|Move = 5
|Weapon = {{weapon|few|sword}} [[Sword]] - E
|Item = [[Falchion]]
{{SeeAlso|Chrom/Warriors Supports}}
:[[Chrom/Awakening Quotes]]
====[[Before Awakening]] Pre-Battle====
{{Quote|Strange beasts indeed... I can sense something is in front of me, but I can hardly see it. Prepare yourself, creature! I will not permit you to threaten this land!|Chrom's pre-battle quote}}
:[[Chrom/Heroes Quotes]]
:[[Chrom/Warriors Quotes]]
==Possible Endings==
'''Chrom - Newly Exalted''' (新たなる聖王, ''Arata naru Sei'ō'' lit. '''The New Holy King''')
: After Grima's defeat, Chrom was officially welcomed as Ylisse's new exalt. His unflinching perseverance through countless hardships made him a beacon of hope for his people.
; Chrom and [[Robin]]
: Many wrote of Robin's legendary exploits, but accounts of her origins and character varied. Scholars, poets, and bards agreed on one thing alone—she loved her husband, Chrom, above all else.
'''Chrom and [[Maribelle]]'''
: After Grima's defeat, Chrom was officially welcomed as Ylisse's new exalt. Queen Maribelle kept him always on his toes while she strove tirelessly to become a magistrate and reform the halidom's laws.
; Chrom and [[Olivia]]
: After Grima's defeat, Chrom was officially welcomed as Ylisse's new exalt. Queen Olivia gave him a much-needed shoulder to lean on as she traveled the land, dancing and mending the scars of war.
; Chrom and [[Sully]]
: After Grima’s defeat, Chrom was officially welcomed as Ylisse’s new Exalt. Queen Sully rode far and wide on his behalf, her gallant and radiant figure the envy of women everywhere.
; Chrom and [[Sumia]]
: After Grima's defeat, Chrom was officially welcomed as Ylisse's new exalt. Queen Sumia lived and breathed for him, and her flower-petal readings were said to bring good luck to all who received them.
==Non-Canon Appearances==
===''Super Smash Bros. Series''===
====[[Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U]]====
[[File:SSB4_Robin_Chrom.jpg|thumb|300px|Chrom as he appears in ''Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.'']]
Chrom appeared in the ''By Book, Blade, and Crest of Flame ''trailer for [[Robin]] and [[Lucina]] for ''[[Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U]]''. However, he is not a playable character; he is a part of Robin's Final Smash, [[Pair Up]], instead. Robin summons Chrom onto the stage and he immediately rushes straight forward, even in the air, and will travel roughly a fourth the distance of Final Destination. If Chrom connects with an enemy, his critical/skill cut-in will flash on the screen as he says "On my mark!" (俺に合わせろ!''Ore ni awasero!'' lit. ''Join with me!'') Chrom will launch the enemy into the air and leave them in a helpless state as Robin and Chrom attacks the enemy with [[Bolganone]] and the [[Falchion]] respectively. Before spiking the enemy to the ground, Chrom will say "We're not done yet!"
Chrom appears in one of Robin's victory screen for both genders and is also available as a collectible trophy in both versions of and also makes an appearance on the Pair Up trophy. [[Ike]] has a palette swap based on Chrom's color scheme. Chrom also makes a cameo appearance during Palutena's Guidance about Robin in the ''Wii U version''. This conversation mostly pokes fun at Chrom for not being a fighter in Smash and that he only appears in Robin's final smash.
According to the director of the ''Super Smash Bros.'' series, Masahiro Sakurai, Chrom was considered as a newcomer for ''Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U''. However was dropped in favor of Robin, who could have a more unique moveset rather than making another Fire Emblem swordsman like [[Marth]] and [[Ike]].
A Chrom themed Swordfighter Mii costume was released on July 31. It features Chrom's outfit with the Falchion as the sword.
====[[Super Smash Bros. Ultimate]]====
[[File:Chrom SSBU.png|thumb|right|Chrom in ''Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.'']]
Chrom was revealed as an Echo Fighter for ''Super Smash Bros. Ultimate'' on August 8, 2018. As an Echo Fighter, Chrom shares his moveset with [[Roy]], with one exception, and mimics his animations save for any attacks that utilize a backhanded sword grip. Attacks by Roy that would usually generate flames produce more neutral wind/light effects when Chrom uses them.
Chrom possesses two key gameplay differences that distinguish him from Roy. The first is his balanced blade; the damage and knockback dealt by Chrom's Falchion are equal throughout the blade, regardless of which section of the blade hits (an effect shared with Lucina, the Echo Fighter of Marth), whereas Roy's Binding Blade only deals significant damage and knockback if attacks land with the base of the blade. The second key difference is his Up Special, Soaring Slash. Compared to Roy's Blazer, a diagonally-rising backhanded slash with his sword engulfed in flames, Chrom's Up Special is much more comparable to Ike's up special, [[Aether]]. He is voiced by Tomokazu Sugita and Matthew Mercer in the Japanese and English versions respectively.
====Special Moveset====
*'''Standard Special - Flare Blade''': A stationary chargeable attack. Chrom performs a powerful downward slam with all his strength. The longer the input is held, the more damage and knockback the attack does when released, with a glint of light slowly traveling up the blade to indicate its charge level. When fully charged, it will instantly KO any character in the game (with the exception of Bowser at center-stage and Shulk with his Shield Monado Art active), but will also inflict recoil damage unto Chrom regardless if the attack lands. Unlike Roy, Chrom's Flare Blade is charged with light and wind effects, with two shockwaves traveling outward from his feet at different points during the charging of the move.
*'''Side Special - Double-Edge Dance''': Chrom performs a special series of different slashes depending on the button input by the player. After performing the standard Side Special input, the player can repeatedly input B further while holding up, down, or forward on the movement stick, up to 4 attacks. With all the different move combinations, Chrom can perform 18 different versions of the move. High variations are outlined with blue streaks, middle variations are outlined with red streaks, and low variations are outlined with green streaks. Compared to Lucina's Dancing Blade, a functionally identical move, Chrom's deals more damage, with considerably more knockback on the final hits.
*'''Up Special - Soaring Slash''': Chrom performs a fast upward slash that launches enemies into the air. He then jumps directly upwards and somersaults three times, Falchion extended, before falling directly downward on the third somersault and slamming his sword and any opponents caught into the ground. This move functions identically to Ike's Up Special, Aether, with the only difference being that Chrom doesn't throw his sword to initiate the attack.
*'''Down Special - [[Counter]]''': Chrom swiftly takes a defensive pose while holding his Falchion with both hands. If an opponent hits him during the counter window, Chrom will retaliate with an downward strike and deal additional damage based on the strength of the countered attack.
*'''Final Smash: [[Aether|Awakening Aether]]:''' Chrom performs a quick upward sword strike. All opponents hit by the initial slash are momentarily stunned. He then jumps back and winds his sword up with a flash of light, before running his targets through in a single stroke, dealing a large amount of damage. While the execution of Awakening Aether is completely different from Roy's Critical Hit, the two Final Smashes deal similar damage and knockback.
=====Trophy Info=====
======3DS Info======
{| cellspacing="0" border="1" cellpadding="4" style="border-collapse:collapse;"
! width="11%" | Type
| align="center" | '''Chrom'''
|''Prince of the Halidom of [[Ylisse]] and descendant of the Hero-King [[Marth]]. He leads a militia force called the [[Shepherds]] that protects Ylisse. Though he can get reckless when training-things end up broken-he can be counted on in the heat of battle. He and [[Robin]] combine their skills in Robin's Final Smash.''
======Wii U Info======
{| cellspacing="0" border="1" cellpadding="4" style="border-collapse:collapse;"
! width="11%" | Type
| align="center" | '''Chrom'''
|''Prince of the Halidom of [[Ylisse]] and descendant of the Hero-King [[Marth]]. He leads a militia force called the [[Shepherds]] that protects Ylisse. Though he can get reckless when training-things end up broken-he can be counted on in the heat of battle. He and [[Robin]] combine their skills in Robin's Final Smash.''
====Palutena's Guidance====
Palutena's Guidance is featured in ''Super Smash Bros. Ultimate'' and is similar to Snake's Codec in ''Brawl''. Pit holds a special conversation with Palutena and Viridi to comment on one of Pit's opponents, giving him helpful tips about their strengths and weaknesses. This feature is based on the numerous chapter dialogue in ''Kid Icarus: Uprising''.
:'''Pit''': Woah! It's Chrom!
:'''Viridi''': He finally made it to the fight!
:'''Palutena''': He's the prince of the Halidom of [[Ylisse]]... and the descendant of the Hero-King [[Marth]].
:'''Pit''': Marth's sword and Chrom's sword are both named [[Falchion]], right? The designs seem a bit different. Are they really the same sword?
:'''Palutena''': The sword Chrom wields is Falchion, but Marth's sword is Exalted Falchion.
:'''Viridi''': And [[Lucina]]'s sword is [[Parallel Falchion]].
:'''Pit''': Falchion. Falchion. That word makes no sense!
:'''Palutena''': Falchion can become the Exalted Falchion once the Fire Emblem brings out its true form.
:'''Pit''': If Chrom can fight Marth using a weaker sword, Chrom must be stronger.
:'''Viridi''': I wouldn't say that. I mean, Wario launches people with farts. Pretty sure the style of weapon doesn't make a huge difference.
===''[[Monster Hunter Frontier G]]''===
Chrom does not make a direct appearance in the game. However, in a collaboration between Monster Hunter and Fire Emblem, a Male armor set for both Blademasters and Gunners exists in the game that is based on Chrom's [[Lord]] outfit.
===''[[Project X Zone 2]]''===
Chrom appears as a playable character in ''Project X Zone 2'' as a pair unit with [[Lucina]]. Tomokazu Sugita reprises his role as Chrom's voice actor in game.
Chrom appears in his [[Lord]] class and wields the [[Falchion]] in its base form. He occasionally uses other weapons in his attacks.
*'''Neutral''' - Chrom performs two quick slashes before performing his leaping critical hit animation.
*'''Left''' - Chrom performs a front flip slash before equipping a [[Rapier]] to stab the enemy.
*'''Right''' - Chrom equips a [[Killing Edge]] then performs the [[Sol (skill)|Sol]] animation of his [[Aether]] attack. He then swaps it with a [[Silver Lance]] and performs the [[Luna (Skill)|Luna]] animation.
*'''Up''' - Chrom throws a [[Javelin]] then fires off a bolt of lighting from a [[Levin Sword]].
*'''Down''' - Chrom equips [[Gradvius]] and performs a series of thrusts and swipes before throwing it.
*'''Cross Special '''- Chrom quickly slashes the enemy before Lucina fires off a bolt of lighting. Chrom then performs the leaping ground stab from the first Risen cutscene from ''Awakening''. Chrom then leaps out the way as Lucina stabs the enemy with the Gradvius. Handing it off to Chrom, who then throws it twice, launching the enemy into the air, Chrom leaps into the air. Chrom and Lucina then cross in the air, creating their poses in the ''Awakening'' box art.
*'''Multi Attack''' - Chrom and Lucina lunge at each other, through the enemy. Lucina finishes the attack by firing 5 Astra critical hits using the [[Astra (weapon)|Astra]] bow.
Descendant of the Hero-King Marth and prince of the Halidom of Ylisse, a country that worships the divine dragon, Naga.
He wields the legendary sword Falchion, a weapon passed down through the line of kings. He is also the captain of the Shepherds, a militia that he established in order to defend the kingdom.
He is currently fighting to defeat the Risen that have appeared in each region and to prevent the ambitions of the Grimleal. This dark cult is dedicated to the Fell Dragon Grima, a monster who promises to bring about the end of the world.
Chrom is a brave youth with a strong sense of justice and deep affection for his allies. He was initially shaken after learning the truth about Lucina, but he now views her simultaneously as a trustworthy companion and his beloved daughter.
He trains daily with his sword, which often results in considerable destruction to the general vicinity.
=== ''[[Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE]]'' ===
Chrom appears as the [[Mirage (Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE)|Mirage]] partner of the protagonist, [[Itsuki Aoi]]. A “Lord” Mirage, who is a prince in another world. After reincarnating in this world, he has lost his memories. He is brave and has a strong sense of justice. During battles, he changes form into a sword and becomes a pillar of support for the inexperienced Itsuki.
=== ''[[WarioWare: Gold]]'' ===
Chrom appears in WarioWare: Gold, in one of 5-Volt's microgames. The player must select Chrom and move him to defeat the boss [[Victor (Awakening)|Victor]] before time runs out.
===''[[Fire Emblem 0 (Cipher)]]''===
Chrom is illustrated in the trading card game with the following cards:
==== Uses ====
Blue cards focus on Class-Changing Units to release their full potential. While initially a terrible example of this style of play, Ylisse's Exalt has since become one of if not the most essential piece to any player wishing to focus on Class-Changed Units. Chrom's Cost 1 cards aren't special in the early stages of battle, with his Series 1 card gaining 10 ATK for each Class-Changed Unit you control, his Series 4 Cost 1 Mirage card being virtually useless unless you control Itsuki, and his Series 8 Cost 1 allowing you to see one of your Orbs whenever he defeats a Unit in battle. His Series 1 Cost 2 is mere Evade fodder, as it only allows you to move one enemy Unit for the cost of 2 Bonds, while his Promotional Cost 2 is comparatively better as it can give an ally a 10 ATK defensive buff for the opponent's turn and gives a +20 buff when he attacks a Dragon Unit. His Promotional 3/2 is a decent card that allows you to move an enemy Unit when he Class-Changes, making it useful should your opponent try to hide their MC behind a wall of bait, and his Starter Deck 4/3 gives the first Unit per turn to Class-Change an additional 20 ATK for the turn while also allowing them to break double Orbs, making it an excellent supporting Unit for other heavy-hitters. His Series 1 5/4 card has a Rally Skill that allows you to move your enemy's Units around however you like while also giving a 30 ATK buff, preventing your opponent from hiding any of their troops from your forces, and it ties with Corrin for the highest Vs-Dragon Buff in the TCG, with a +40. Chrom's buff is, however, a CCS Skill, meaning it will not take effect unless he was Class-Changed. His Series 8 4/3 takes a darker turn away from the path of his other cards, allowing you to deploy a Risen from the Retreat by� Tapping two other Risen or allowing you to Tap three Risen to give any one Unit a 70 ATK buff, making any of your cards be able to overcome the harshest odds. This Chrom, however, loses 10 ATK on your opponent's turn should you not control any Risen, making keeping the Risen alive somewhat of a necessity. Chrom's final card, his S8 5/4, is perhaps the greatest Class-Change card in the TCG, allowing the player to both freely Class-Change any allied Unit that hasn't Class-Changed yet using a card from the Retreat for the mere cost of 2 Bonds and allowing the player to give a free +10 buff to all Class-Changed allies for the turn at no cost. As of Series 8, only Tiki and Elincia offer anything close to this level of versatility in a Class-Change focused deck, and with each of them having their own restriction that reduces that versatility - Tiki must use a card in the hand to Class-Change the Unit and Elincia can only Class-Change Units into Green cards - Chrom can be considered the strongest Class-Change supportive card in the game.
== Etymology ==
Chrom's name could derive from the English suffix, "chrome" used to specify colors and pigments. It can also be a corruption of the metal "chromium."
*Chrom's official artwork depicts him wielding the [[Falchion]].
*Chrom was voted the most popular male character in the Fire Emblem Awakening Character Popularity Poll in Japan.
**Chrom came in 5th place for males in the ''Fire Emblem Heroes Choose Your Legends'' popularity poll. He had 23,803 votes.
*Chrom appears in some support conversations from other characters. He appears in [[Ricken]] and [[Nowi]]'s C support and Lucina's C & A sibling supports. He shares this trait with Robin, who appears in ​[[Tharja]] and Vaike's C support and Tharja and Frederick's C support.
*According to the ''Official Fire Emblem Awakening Comic'' from ''Nintendo Dream'', Chrom is six years younger than Emmeryn, making him roughly nineteen years old at the start of ''Fire Emblem Awakening''.
*Chrom is the only unit in ''Awakening'' with a different portrait for each direction. This is likely due to the Brand of the Exalt on his right shoulder. The only other character in the series to have this trait is [[Nergal]].
*The Fire Emblem disappears from Chrom's Great Lord battle model from Chapter 21 to Chapter 23 because Validar steals it. The Fire Emblem will also not be present on Chrom's Great Lord model if he promotes before Chapter 7.
*At the end of [[Robin]] and [[Lucina]]'s reveal trailer for ''[[Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U]]'', Chrom remarks that he will "get [his] chance another day." This line was meant to be a joke as he does appear in game as an assist in Robin's Final Smash.
**This line would ironically become true in ''[[Super Smash Bros. Ultimate]]'' where Chrom became a full fledged playable character.
*In ''Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U'', during Palutena's Guidance for Robin, Palutena states that Chrom does not have Aether. This is not completely true since Chrom can learn Aether as a level 5 Great Lord in ''Awakening''. However, Chrom does not perform the skill in the same way that Ike does in ''Path of Radiance'' and ''Radiant Dawn''.
**Chrom does use Aether as his Up Special move in ''Ultimate'', albeit he performs it differently than Ike.
*Chrom shares his English voice actor, Matthew Mercer, with [[Ryoma]], [[Azama]], and [[Shigure]] from ''Fates''.
*The "Choose Your Legends" event of Fire Emblem Heroes revealed that he was 8th place out of 791 with 23,803 votes, making him 3rd place in terms of the ''Awakening'' portion and the fourth most popular male character overall.
== Gallery ==

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