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“The lovely duchess of Veltomer, a married woman mind you, fell for the prince. Now the duke of Velthomer was a reputed womanizer and had several lovers. The prince, however, was a straight arrow. Initially, the prince only sympathized with the duchess, but then one day, the two fell deeply in love. Now, the duke lost his head. After writing a letter denouncing the two, he committed suicide. The duchess, clearly distressed, disappeared without a trace. I believe her name was Cigyun.”
—Lord Filat telling Sigurd about Prince Kurth's lover in Anphony Castle.

Cigyun is a background character from Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War. She is the wife of Duke Victor of Velthomer and the lover of Prince Kurth of Grannvale. She is the mother of Arvis and Deirdre, and she is also the grandmother of Seliph, Julia, Julius and Saias.


Cigyun was a descendant of Saint Maera, and therefore possessed minor Loptous Holy Blood. Like other scions of Maera's line, Cigyun was raised in the Spirit Forest, in the country of Verdane. Maera's descendants sequestered themselves there to prevent the birth of a child with major Loptous blood. However, Cigyun grew weary of the dull isolation of the forest and left, eventually marrying Duke Victor of Velthomer. The couple had one son, Arvis.

Victor proved to be a miserable husband and he was a philanderer who kept many mistresses, whose affairs were open knowledge among Grannvale's nobility. He also raped Cigyun's favorite maid and attempted to banish her when she became pregnant, but Cigyun interceded on her behalf and Azelle was raised in their household. The Oosawa manga adaptation states that he also was physically abusive to Cigyun.

Prince Kurth was sympathetic to Cigyun, whose unhappiness was well-known. At first their relationship was one of friendship and emotional support, but after a time they fell in love and began an affair. Despite his own numerous infidelities, Victor was incensed when he found out and took his own life, denouncing Cigyun and Kurth in a venomous suicide note. Humiliated and deeply burdened by Victor's death, Cigyun—now pregnant by Kurth—left Grannvale and returned to the Spirit Forest.

Cigyun died in childbirth, leaving their daughter Deirdre to be raised in the same seclusion before leaving herself upon meeting Sigurd in Chapter 1.


Cigyun is a corruption of Sigyn, Loki's wife from Norse mythology.