General QuotesEdit

Level Up QuotesEdit

  • "I can read our foes like a book."
  • "Have you ever seen such physical perfection?"
  • "I felt...something. But it wasn't anything to pen home about." (1 stat up)
  • "Fate and fortune smile upon me!"

Class ChangeEdit

Summary ScreenEdit

  • "A stunning victory for a stunning lady!" (Easy victory)
  • "Next time, I insist we do better." (Hard victory)
  • "I may have pushed myself too hard..." (Fatigued)
  • "The victory feels...hollow." (An ally dies)
  • "Clive? No... Oh, brother, no!" (Clive dies)

Final Map QuoteEdit

“This business of relying on gods forth all seems quite absurd to me. The creepy man will excuse himself now!”
—Clair's final map quote in Shadows of Valentia

Battle QuotesEdit

When SelectedEdit

  • "Nothing will stop me." (Full/High health)
  • "Shall we, then?" (Medium health)
  • "If we must..." (Low health)

Upon Being HealedEdit

  • "My gratitude."
  • "Why, thank you."

Used Healing ItemEdit

  • "What pig slop is this?" (Disliked)
  • "Oh! How...rustic." (Neutral)
  • "Simply scrumptious!" (Liked)
  • "Someone must have read my mind!" (Loved)

Enemy DodgesEdit

  • "How careless of me..."
  • "Oh, no!"

Enemy Deals 1 or No DamageEdit

  • "A fool will stop that!"
  • "What do you call that?"


  • "You should be honored."
  • "Too late!"
  • "On your knees!"
  • "You brute!"

Finishing BlowEdit

  • "May I?"
  • "You've forced my hand!"
  • giggles

Defeated EnemyEdit

  • "You bore me! Begone!"
  • sighs
  • "A glorious victory."
  • giggles
  • "I expected as much."
  • "I hope you were all watching."
  • "I know, I'm simply terrible!"

Nearby Ally Defeated EnemyEdit

(Alm) Edit

  • "You should be proud."

(Clive) Edit

  • "You cut a fine figure."
  • "Oh, breathtaking!"
  • "Fought like a hero."

(Others) Edit

  • "Does nothing stop you?"
  • "I see we are in good hands!"
  • "Oh! Very good."
  • "That was marvelous!"
  • "Now watch me go!"
  • "We're lucky to have you."

Negative Reaction to Allies Edit

  • sigh "Shameful."
  • "You must not fail us."
  • "Please, shape up."
  • "I expected better of you."
  • "Did I really see that?"
  • "That was disheartening."
  • "Are you feeling ill?"
  • "I demand better."

Nearby Ally Below Half HealthEdit

  • "Oughtn't you heal?"
  • "You must heal."

Death/Retreat QuotesEdit

“I regret nothing... I can die happy. Take care of the boy, everyone...”
—Clair's death quote in Classic Mode
“Oh dear... That was ill done. Forgive me, but I must withdraw.”
—Clair's retreat quote in Casual Mode
“No... I...don't want to die... Please help me... Clive... Fernand...”
—Clair's death/game over quote in the DLC Flight From The Ruins

Base ConversationsEdit

First Conversation
"A moment, Alm? I pray you do not take those awful things Fernand said to heart. Not all nobles share his sentiments. You must understand, Fernand has his reasons for feeling as he does. Clive and I have known him since childhood. He loved my brother as his own, and I know there's good in him yet. When Clive joined the Knights of Zofia, Fernand joined as well. And so did I - mostly because I LOATHE being excluded! ...What? Of course they'd let me in! Why wouldn't they?! Actually, now that you mention it, I never did stop to wonder why. I just asked my father, and soon after, they welcomed me into their ranks.

Third Conversation

"Salutations, Alm... ...Mmm? I seem down? Not at all, not at all. I simply miss my manor in Zofia. My parents... My nursemaid... The ladies-in-waiting and servants... I wonder what they're all doing right now. If they knew I was washing my own hands before supper - and a supper of dried fish at that - they would simply keel over in shock! But it would be fun to look fine for a change and attend a grand ball! Do you dance, Alm? ...Ah, I see. Well, never fear! You can learn from me. Er, that is to say... Well, when the war is over, I was wondering if we might have a dance. Just one dance! It would mean so very much to me."
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