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“In a valley amidst the Marhaut Range, Ike and company are reunited with King Caineghis of Gallia. King Tibarn of Phoenicis also arrives, and brings with him a disturbing tale... His words serve notice: There is no time to waste. The final showdown with Ashnard is coming. Between the forces King Caineghis grants them before returning home and the soldiers King Tibarn brings, the Crimean army possesses three times the fighting power that it did when it left Begnion. Even so, the Daein forces encamped in the capital are strong, rested, and comparable in number. In addition, the road to the final confrontation is blocked by two formidable obstacles-- Fort Pinell and Nados Castle. How these two tests are faced will mightily affect the course of the war.”
—Opening Narration

Clash! is Chapter 26 of Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and it is the chapter that allows the player to bring out the most units in this game (19). It is also the first appearance of Elincia in battle. This is the siege of Fort Pinell and the place where Bertram is defeated.

Dropped Items

Enemy Reinforcements

  • 2 Wyvern Lords appear at the top right at the end of turn 3. (3 on Hard)
  • 2 Paladins appear to the right of the boss at the end of turn 4. (3 on Hard)
  • 3 Sages, each with a different magic, and a Swordmaster will appear in front of the boss when you get near him.
  • 3 Paladins appear to the right of the boss at the end of turn 9.
  • 4 Paladins appear to the right of the boss at the end of turn 12. (6 appear on hard).
  • 4 Wyvern Lords at the top right-hand corner of the map at the end of turn 15. (6 on Hard)

Base Conversations

Name Value Requirement Obtain
Soldier ** - -
Tibarn * Reyson recruited and is alive -


As Soren says at the beginning of the battle, the Daein army is twice as large as your own army. Luckily for you, the Daein army has grouped most of its units together, i.e. Wyvern Lords, Paladins, Swordmasters, Generals, even Feral Ones in different groups. Reinforcements will appear in several waves: the Wyvern Lords from the northeast at the end of turn 3, then three Sages with either A-level magic or long-ranged magic and so on.

Once the path is clear, go out and attack Bertram with magic-users because he will be using the Runesword. However be careful of his spear because it does not do magic damage and your magic users will die easily.

Bonus experience is earned if the chapter is completed in 13 turns.