Chapter Quotes Edit

White Clouds Chapter 1: Three Houses Edit

Rivalry of the Houses (Mission) Edit

“Argh, I hate losing! I guess I'll just have to settle for cheering the others on.”
—Claude's Chapter 1 defeat quote

White Clouds Chapter 7: Field of the Eagle and Lion Edit

Battle of the Eagle and Lion (Mission) Edit

  • "Remember, we’re not just fighting for honor. There’s a prize at stake!"

Based on Player's Movements in Battle

  • "The Black Eagles and Blue Lions are fighting... Maybe we can sneak right past them."

After Golden Deer Units Die

  • "Who told you to jump out there? Now we've got no choice. Capture the central hill!"

Vs. Byleth

  • "This is a great chance for me to find out if the Sword of the Creator really is all it's cracked up to be. On that note, you'd better not surrender too quickly!"

Vs. Dimitri

  • Claude: Hey, Your Royalness! If you promise to let me have the prize, I'll let you take the honor of victory. Do we have a deal?
  • Dimitri: Enough of your foolishness! I... Wait a moment. You are trying to anger me, is that it?
  • Claude: Saw right through me, did you? Well, if there's no deal, I'll just have to win this thing fair and square!
  • Dimitri: I will happily face you, here and now. Do not hold back, Claude!

Vs. Edelgard

  • Claude: Hey, Princess! Heads up! There's a rat right by your Imperial feet...
  • Edelgard: BAH! I - Huh. How dare you make a fool out of me. You will not rile me with such childish tactics.
  • Claude: Ah, so the sheer terror in your eyes was...something else entirely. My mistake. Anyway, it was only a joke.
  • Edelgard: You really hope to unsettle me with childish jokes? It won't work. You must stand and fight!
    “Sorry, but it's about time I make my exit... The rest of you...please, finish the job!”
    —Claude's Chapter 7 defeat quote

White Clouds Chapter 9: Cause of Sorrow Edit

Garreg Mach Monastery Edit

  • "Ah, what a burden to be great at everything." (White Heron Cup won)

Azure Moon Chapter 17: Blood of the Eagle and Lion Edit

To War at Gronder (Mission) Edit

  • "The Kingdom army doesn't look too interested in joining forces with us. Let's take a moment to see how this all unfolds..." (mission start)
  • "Hmph. The Empire and Kingdom are mixed up in this battle. It's a struggle to target the right one. Such are the rules of melee. We'll just have to crush anyone who isn't an ally!" (mid-battle)
  • Allies defeated
    • "Hilda, you've done well. Leave the rest to me."
    • "Leonie fell? Did I underestimate the enemy?"
    • "Lysithea... She burned too brightly, and faded too fast..."
    • "Raphael! Don't worry, I promise to look after your sister..."
      “So sad that our reunion should take place on the battlefield.”
      —Claude's Chapter 17 (Azure Moon) pre-battle quote
  • Vs. Byleth
    • Claude: So, you're actually alive, Teach! It's a shame you aren't on our side.
    • Claude: Anyway, isn't the Empire your enemy? Us fighting seems like a waste...
  • Vs. Dimitri
    • Claude: Calm down, Dimitri! What does it achieve, us killing each other here?
    • Dimitri: Move, Claude. I have no time to exchange words with you.
    • Claude: It doesn't matter what I'm saying, does it? You aren't even listening. But I'm not gonna budge.
“Arrgh... I thought we had a chance, but there was no way to predict the movements of the Kingdom army. I can't afford to die here. I have to retreat.”
—Claude's Chapter 17 (Azure Moon) defeat quote

Azure Moon Chapter 19: The Golden Deer's Plea Edit

Saving Derdriu (Mission) Edit

  • Talked to with Byleth
    • "Professor, if you had chosen me instead of Dimitri... No. I shouldn't dwell on it. I'm grateful you came. I'm glad to have your strength, if only for today."
  • Talked to with Dimitri
    • Dimitri: You're OK... Can you still fight, Claude?
    • Claude: You barely snatch me from the jaws of death, and now you're recruiting me! You sure know how to inspire loyalty, Your Majesty.
    • Claude: Sadly, I'm not free to move here, for many reasons. You'll have to repel the Empire without me...
  • Talked to with any other character
    • "I missed that face! And you're just in time. Thanks for that."

Verdant Wind Chapter 16: The Rose-Colored River Edit

  • Vs. Acheron
    • Acheron: The declining Alliance will be finished if I kill you. The Empire will herald the new age!
    • Claude: Only if you manage to kill me. Hm? What's that to the north?
    • Claude: Looks like the home of another opportunistic noble is burning...
    • Acheron: That's...that's my castle! NO!
    • Claude: That's the declining Alliance at work, right there. Seems like you were facing the wrong way, Weathervane!

Verdant Wind Chapter 17: Blood of the Eagle and Lion Edit

  • Vs. Dimitri
    • Dimitri: Are you trying to stop me too? Then I'll just have to kill you!
    • Claude: Calm down, Dimitri! What does it achieve, us killing each other here?
    • Dimitri: Move, Claude. I have no time to exchange words with you.
    • Claude: It doesn't matter what I'm saying, does it? You aren't even listening. But I'm not gonna budge.
  • Vs. Edelgard
    • Claude: We haven't seen each other since Garreg Mach. You've grown lovelier than ever Edelgard.
    • Edelgard: You're not so unfortunate yourself. And you have the aid of the professor. Frankly, I'm jealous.
    • Edelgard: Now's the chance for you and the professor to leave.
    • Claude: I'm afraid we have to decline. Even if we left, we'd just have to come right back.

 Garreg Mach Monastery Edit

Choir Practice Edit

  • "There’s someone who’s slightly off… Oh well. That adds some color, I suppose."

Cooking Edit

  • "We can't blaze ahead if we let the status quo confide us. Let's try coloring outside the lines... only with food. This combination of ingredients is creative, right? Now I just need to cut them to the proper sizes."

Dining Hall Edit

  • "That smell... it's amazing! My fav, in fact. Do you like it too?"
  • "Eating is life. Literrally, you'll die without it."
  • "I'm not a fan of this food, but...I can't be picky. I'll just hold my nose and gut through it."
With Hilda Edit

Support Level

  • Hilda: OK, I am fuuuull. Want some, Professor? 
  • Claude: Don’t fall for it, Teach. Hilda’s gifts always come with a price. She’ll be asking you to do this or that for her in return, mark my words.

Support Level

  • Claude: This meager meal isn't enough to fill me up. I'd really prefer a daily, lavish feast!
  • Hilda: Feasts are special because they're kinda rare. If you had a feast every day, you'd start to be sick of 'em.

Support Level

  • Hilda: Thanks to you two, I get to sit down and enjoy this tasty meal.
  • Claude: A meal you can eat while listening to Hilda praise you is a gift all its own. Right, Teach?
With Lorenz Edit

Support Level

  • Lorenz: If you wanted to invite someone else to dine with us, professor, I would have preferred you choose a lady.
  • Claude: Eh, I don't mind a straitlaced noble joining us. I'm happy just to share a meal with Teach.

Support Level

  • Claude: Whenever I eat with you, Lorenz, I always feel like I have to mind my manners. It's awful.
  • Lorenz: Good. You should mind your manners even when I am not watching. You are a noble, after all.

Support Level

  • Lorenz: If someday our positions change, we will not have many opportunities to eat together like this.
  • Claude: True. That would make this moment a priceless memory... Nah, just kidding. Let's just eat already.

Gifts Edit

  • "
  • "
  • "

Lost Items Edit

  • "Hey, that's mine ! Thanks for fiding it."
  • "A lost item? Sorry, but that's not mine. I have no idea whose it is, either."

Tea Party Edit

  • "Mmm... It's a nice smell. I think I love this one." (favorite tea, chamomile or Almyran pine)

Observe Edit

  • "No matter how hard you look, you won't see what I'm scheming."
  • "Is my face really that interesting?"

Post Time Skip Edit

Introducing Own Topic Edit
  • "I'll take you to my hometown one day. There are some truly tasty dishes you can't find in Fódlan."
Observe Edit
  • "You really like looking at my face, don't you? I have no idea what you find so interesting."
  • "Let's skip the chatter, and enjoy this moment of peace."
  • "No matter how hard you look, you won't see what I'm scheming."
  • "Is my face really that interesting?"

End Edit

  • "Ah, I'm afraid I've stayed too long. Thanks for the tea! Let's plan to do this again sometime."


Instruct Edit

  • "Let's do this again sometime." (great result)
  • "I learned a lot from this." (great result)

Group Tasks Edit

With Hilda Edit
  • Hilda: Hey, Claude! You're looking so cute today. I have a quick favor to ask...
  • Claude: Wait, that's my line. You just try to get to work without slacking, OK?
  • Hilda: Me?! Look who's talking. You have no work ethic to speak of.

Stable Duty Edit

Sky Watch Edit

Results Edit

With Hilda Edit
  • Perfect result:
    • Hilda: Professor, look! I guess it pays off to put in a little effort sometimes.
    • Claude: Hey, all you did was cheer from the sidelines! You didn't do any work at all...

Certification Exams Edit

Level Up Edit

  • "Life doesn't always go as planned." ( 0-2 stats"
  • " I expected as much." (5 stats up)

Post Time Skip

  • "I can't afford this setback. (0-2 stats)
  • ""
  • "" (4 stats up)
  • "I'm that much closer to my goal." (5 stats)
  • "The weak fall. The strong live." (6 stats)
  • "More battles means more strength." (7 stats)

Battle Quotes Edit

When Selected Edit

  • "Ready and willing." (Full/High HP)
  • "It's your call." (Medium HP)
  • "Careful..." (Low HP)

Post Time Skip

  • "At the ready." (Full/High HP)
  • "I'm hurt, but I'm with you." (Medium HP)
  • "It's a bad time to die..." (Low HP)

Enemy Deals 1 or No Damage or MissesEdit

  • "So close!"
  • "Too easy!"
  • "Piece of cake!"

Post Time Skip

  • "So close."
  • "Too easy."
  • "Piece of cake."

Critical AttackEdit

  • "My moment has arrived!"
  • "Don't hold this against me, okay?"
  • "Shall we dance!?"
  • ”Enough is enough!”

Post Time Skip

  • "My moment has arrived!"
  • "Hold a grudge if you must!"
  • "Strategy in motion!"
  • “Leave, now!”

Gambit Edit

  • "Pull out all the stocks !"

Post Time Skip

  • "Good time for a secret scheme."

Gambit BoostEdit

  • ""

Post Time Skip

  • ""

Defeated EnemyEdit

  • "It's not luck, it's fate."
  • "That's the Golden Deer for ya."
  • "Sorry, but victory is mine."
  • "Never underestimate an outsider."
  • ”It was a good try.”

Post Time Skip

  • "Strategy in motion."
  • "I fought, and won."
  • "Sorry, but I must."
  • "We're all a little desperate,"
  • "You got yourself killed."

Ally Defeats Enemy Edit

  • ""

Post Time Skip

  • "Hey, look at you."
  • "A predictable success"

Ally Heals/Rallies Edit

  • ""
  • ""

Post Time Skip

  • ""
  • ""

New Skill Edit

  • ""
  • ""

Post Time Skip

  • ""
  • ""

Skill Mastered Edit

  • ""

Post Time Skip

  • ""

Skill UpEdit

  • ""

Post Time Skip

  • ""

Class Mastery Edit

  • ""

Post Time Skip

  • ""

Reclassing Edit

Death/Retreat Quote Edit

“I didn't expect that... We'll call it a stalemate.”
—Claude's retreat quote. (casual)
“So much for my schemes. I'm bowing out.”
—Claude's retreat quote. (casual, war phase)
“The dreams of men don't amount to much. Sorry, but... it's up to you now.”
—Claude's death quote. (classic)
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