Clearing the Way is a quest given to you by a Merchant in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. It is an optional quest of Chapter 5 to progress through the game and unlocks the Southern Merchant (Green Shop) and Western Merchant (Red Shop).

Quest Details Edit

Requirements Edit

"Bandits spotted on the usual trade routes. Assistance required."

"Head to Magdred Way and take down the bandits. New merchants will come to monastery to sell their wares if they know that the area is safe."

Quest-Giver Dialogue Edit

"Bandits have overrun my trade route. Please, can you clear them out so that the merchants can reach the monastery?"

Quest Completion Dialogue Edit

"Thanks to you, I feel safe again. Oh, and I'll be sure to have the days that traveling merchants will be visiting the monastery added to the calendar."

Location Edit

Given to you by a Merchant located in the marketplace.

Rewards Edit

  • Southern Merchant (Green Shop)
  • Western Merchant (Red Shop)
  • Morfis Seeds (x5)
  • Merchant Military
  • Bandits
  • 500 Renown


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