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“Hmm... where do my loyalties lie... I’m not lifting a finger till the dust settles. Keep our soldiers put for the moment.”

Clement is an enemy character from Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War. He is the lord of Mackily, a territory in Agustria. Though shrewd, he is far less ambitious than the other lords of Agustria, only engaging Sigurd's forces when it becomes clear that his castle will get caught in the crossfire between Chagall's and Sigurd's armies. He is ultimately defeated by Sigurd's troops, and in his dying moments cryptically begs the victorious invaders not to forget him.



Starting ClassHoly Blood
FE4 Bishop Enemy.gifBishop-
18531151310041351FE4 Leadership Star.png3,000
SkillsWeaponStarting Items
-FE4 Fire.pngFire - B
FE4 Thunder.pngThunder - B
FE4 Wind.pngWind - B
FE4 Staff.pngStaff - A
FE4sleep.gifSleep staff


Clement has extremely weak defenses, but he can be an annoying opponent all the same due to the numerous Myrmidon, Fire Mage, and well-positioned ballista units defending him, the natural chokepoint on the way to his castle, and his ability to use Sleep endlessly. His units will only advance upon the player once a unit is put into the range of his either his Sleep (staff) or the nearby ballista units. Few units will be able to survive both the physical power of his Myrmidons and the magical power of his Fire Mages, so Clement should never be allowed to put a unit to sleep while his forces are still intact. Once the mages are gone, units with high defense stats will be in much less danger overall, but the player shouldn't get careless, as unavoided attacks will always deal at least one damage in Genealogy of the Holy War.

Generally, the player can deal with him by positioning a high defense unit outside of his Sleep (staff)'s range, but within the range of his ballista team, then using Canto to whittle away at his forces numbers until they can be defeated in a single strike. Once all of the threats have been neutralized, the player can charge Clement with multiple units capable of enduring ballista strikes, then finish him off. Once the castle has been seized, his ballista squad will simply vanish. It takes an incredibly long time to manually destroy the ballistae, so attacking them directly is largely a lost cause.

If the player is willing to sideline a unit for the battle, they can position a unit near the eastern end of the large village area, just within range of Clement's staff. Doing so will cause Clement's forces to turn aggressive far earlier than they would otherwise.


“You invaders!! …since it’s come to this, I’ll fight you!”
—Clement's battle quote
“Urgh… Don’t forget me…”
—Clement's death quote