General QuotesEdit

Level Up QuotesEdit

  • "I feel as though I've reached a new plateau."
  • "My senses feel keener than usual today."
  • "The powers above are on my side."
  • "Hm. I thought I felt a tingling, but then...nothing." (1 stat up)
  • "I should focus now on training others." (Maxed out stats)

Class ChangeEdit

Summary ScreenEdit

  • "Another feather in our caps." (Easy victory)
  • "I could use a rest..." (Fatigued)
  • "War is a cruel thief..." (An ally dies)
  • "Clair... Oh gods, Clair... How could this happen?" (Clair dies)
  • "Mathilda, my love... How am I to go on?" (Mathilda dies)

Final Map QuoteEdit

“I'll take a proud death as my own man over a life of kneeling to a mad god!”
—Clive's final map quote in Shadows of Valentia

Battle QuotesEdit

When SelectedEdit

  • "Allow me." (Full/High health)
  • "Shall I, then?" (Medium health)
  • "This may require caution." (Low health)

Upon Being HealedEdit

  • "Thank you!"
  • "My thanks."

Used Healing ItemEdit

  • "One takes what one can get." (Disliked)
  • "I suppose this will do." (Neutral)
  • "Mmm, very satisfying." (Liked)
  • "Now this is enticing." (Loved)

Enemy DodgesEdit

  • "A hair too late."
  • "What?!"

Enemy Deals 1 or No DamageEdit

  • "I'll not be trifled with!"
  • "Are you finished?"


  • "Farewell."
  • "Make your peace!"
  • "No hard feelings!"
  • "In the name of Zofia!"

Finishing BlowEdit

  • "Enough!"
  • "A shame."

Defeated EnemyEdit

  • "Forgive me, it had to be done."
  • "Everyone must stand for something!"
  • "For Zofia!"
  • "Everyday a new lesson."
  • "Submit or be struck down!"

Nearby Ally Defeated EnemyEdit

(Mathilda) Edit

  • "I see that I am outdone."
  • "Flawless as always."
  • "The goddess of war hath spoken."

(Others) Edit

  • "Now I must do my part."
  • "Your strength is strength to all of us."
  • "You've improved!"
  • "Not bad."
  • "Good. Keep it up."
  • "I knew you had potential."
  • "You make us proud."
  • "Always improving."
  • "Outstanding."
  • "Keep that up."
  • "Your hard work is paying off."
  • "You are the pride of this army."

Negative Reaction to Allies Edit

  • "What has gotten into you?"
  • "Have I...upset you?"
  • "Focus. I'm with you."
  • "Be careful. I cannot lose you."
  • "Not very graceful."
  • "Careful!"
  • "Patience. Stay calm."
  • "That wasn't so graceful."
  • "You must be careful."
  • "Show some patience."
  • "Don't lose your calm."

Nearby Ally Below Half HealthEdit

  • "Please... You must heal!"
  • "You must heal, quickly."
  • "You need to heal."

Death/Retreat QuotesEdit

“So this is the end... I wish I had not failed you, my friends. May we meet again, sweet Mathilda...”
—Clive's death quote in Classic Mode
“How foolish. I should have known better... My apologies, but you will have to take things from here...”
—Clive's retreat quote in Casual Mode

Base ConversationsEdit

First Conversation
"My house and Fernand's have always been close. He, Clair, and I grew up much like members of the same family. But the drought left Fernand's people starved, and they sacked his manor, killing his parents, his elder sister, and even his younger siblings... From that day on, he developed an unnatural hatred for commoners. So I pray you can accept my apology for the appalling things he said to you. ...Hmm? You think I sound like his true brother? Heh. Well, this would not be the first mess of his I've had to smooth over."
Second Conversation
"After Desaix killed the king and the knights were effectively disbanded, it was Mathilda who suggested we regroup and start the Deliverance. While I wallowed in my stupor and wondered what would become of us, she was the calm voice of wisdom who knew what must be done. I have been pursued by many high- standing women in dresses most fine, but Mathilda was the first to truly stand shoulder-to-shoulder with me. She is a goddess made flesh—and one I scarcely deserve."
Third Conversation
"Look how far we’ve come, Alm. In truth, there were times along the way where I often questioned my choices, but now, I do believe them all to have been sound. Thank you, Alm, for being everything I hoped you would be. …Enough woolgathering, though. Rigel Castle is in sight. Lead us to the end of this wretched war once and for all."
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