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For the Loptrian Dark Bishop from Genealogy of the Holy War, see Codda.

“Ah... Y-You are the good Sir Runan, right? P-Please don't kill me! Everything I did was for my kingdom's well-being! I only played the role of a villain to unite our people under a single ideal! We cannot confront the Empire if our countrymen are divided!”
—Codha, lying to Runan about his intentions

Codha (コッダ Kodda) is an enemy character from TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga. He is the chancellor of Wellt and the duke of Gram. He schemes to seize control of Wellt in the absence of King Loffaru.

It is noteworthy that Codha is never fought by the player. After Map 7, he is never seen or mentioned again, even after Loffaru returns to Wellt in the ending.


Like most of the nobles in Wellt, Codha disagreed with Loffaru's decision to fight against the Zoa Empire in the Balt War, thinking that they should seek peace instead. During Loffaru's absence, Codha ignores Count Merlon's attempts to reason with him and begins to take over Wellt.

Early in the game, Codha holds Queen Liza as a hostage in her private quarters, but keeps it as a secret to prevent the other nobles from siding against him. In an attempt to gain support, he claims that Merlon has taken Princess Sasha as a hostage. He makes numerous attempts to stop Runan's army from liberating Wellt, but ultimately fails every time. After the liberation of the capital, he is imprisoned to await Loffaru's judgment. Merlon states that it is almost guaranteed that Codha will be sentenced to death for treason.


Codha is a corrupt man who is described as greedy, cunning, and vile. He lies very frequently and takes his soldiers' families as hostages to secure their loyalty to him. He wastefully spends the royal treasury funds and places harsh taxes on his people. He also takes their women as his own and executes anyone who opposes him.



Starting ClassGroup
Duke map sprite.PNGDukeTS group foot.pngFoot soldier
SkillsWeaponStarting Items
-TS Sword.pngSwordEstoc.gifEstoc