The single coin is a very odd item. It first appears in Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and also appears in Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn.

In Path of Radiance coins are usually recived by killing enemies. For instance a large amount of Raven Laguz carry coins that they will drop when defeated and some carry coins that can only be stolen. Also some recruitable characters come with a coin, such as Zihark.

In Path of Radiance coins have no real use. Their description states that they are simply a single piece of currency. They each have a use/durability of 1/1 although that isn't really necesary to be there as coins can't be actually 'used' for anything. In Path of Radiance a coin can be sold to a vendor for... one gold.

If you transfer data from Path of Radiance by starting a new game in Radiant Dawn while having a Game Cube memory card with completed Path of Radiance data on it in your Wii you can transfer all the coins in your Path of Radiance convoy to your Radiant Dawn one. If you do this, at the begining of Part 3 of Radiant Dawn when you get to first use the Greil Mercenaries they will have all the transfered coins in their convoy.

In Radiant Dawn coins actually have a practical use. When you go to the forge at the base and you forge a weapon, after you've finished picking the specifics of the weapon you'll be asked if you want to use your coin. If you do you get to pick a random card, each card gives your forged weapon a bonus which is added to a stat (MT, HIT, etc...), or in unfortunate cases, it gives you nothing.

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