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“Sent to suppress the Ice Tribe rebellion, Corrin aims to take a passive approach-- but after a sudden revelation, hostilities with the Ice Tribe become unavoidable. Then a strange pair appears.”

Cold Reception is the third History Mode map of the Fire Emblem Warriors Fates DLC Pack. This map takes place in the Ice Tribe Village and is based off of the chapter of the same name in Fire Emblem Fates. This map focuses on Niles.


Normal Battles

Class Mission Difficulty Restriction Deploy Limit Stage Reward S-Rank Bonus Anna's Momentos
Fighter Timed Onslaught lv. 18 None Bows Castle Sol Swordbane Axe None None
Pegasus Knight Ally Rescue lv.46 None None Kingswood Lancebane Bow None Defeat 1,000 enemies


Myrmidon Fort Siege lv. 10 None None Desert Arena Nile's Eye Patch Iron Tome None
Mage Recruitment Battle lv. 16 None None Aytolis City Azura's Pendant Ironstone None
Fighter Targeted Elimination lv. 34 None None Dragon Valley None Niles's Bow Scroll None
Myrmidon Shadow Elimination lv. 54 None Males Fortified Citadel Clawbane Sword None None
Spear Fighter Rendezvous Disruption lv. 65 Time Constrained None Great Plain Clawbane Bow None Defeat 1,000 enemies


Mage Recruitment Battle lv. 42 None None Castle Sol Tomebane Lance None None
Archer Arena lv. 28 None Nohrian Heroes Aytolis Castle Bowbane Bow None None
Wyvern Rider Fort Defense lv. 54 None None Dusk Castle Lancebane Axe None None


Class Mission Difficulty Restriction Deploy Limit Stage Reward S-Rank Bonus Anna's Momentos
Myrmidon Timed Attack lv. 33 Neutralized Effectiveness None Aytolis Castle Bowbanestone None None
Mage Shadow Elimination lv. 53 None Hoshidan Heroes Dusk Castle Axebane Lance None None
Mage Gold Rush lv. 19 None None Desert Arena None Master Seal None
Myrmidon Targeted Elimination lv. 69 None Fates Heroes The Interspace Dragonbane Sword None None
Spear Fighter Gold Rush lv. 51 None None Desolate Gorge Axebane Sword None None
Myrmidon Recruitment Battle lv. 44 None None Kingswood Tomebane-stone None None
Spear Fighter Gold Rush lv. 67 None None The World Tree Dragonbane-stone None None

Ally Battle

Character Mission Difficulty Stage Reward S-Rank Bonus
Owain Timed Attack lv. 48 Desolate Gorge Leo's Collar Elixir
Niles Pincer Escape lv. 26 Dragon Valley Swordbane Bow Niles's Bow

Boss Battle

Character Mission Difficulty Stage Reward S-Rank Bonus
Ryoma Cold Reception lv. 65 Great Plain Elise's Ribbon Niles's Bow's Opus

Xenologue Battles

Title Character(s) Mission Difficulty Restriction Deploy Limit Stage Reward S-Rank Bonus Anna's Momentos
Crying Lissa Ally Rescue lv. 71 None Unmounted Fortified Citadel Ryoma's Battle Coat Recover None
Sweet Robin Robin (Female) Pincer Escape lv. 75 Mounted Advantage None Aytolis City Navarre's Sword Strap Camilla's Axe Opus Defeat 1,000


Desire Caeda & Validar Recruit-ment Battle lv. 79 None None Ebony Volcano Celica's Circlet Moonlight's Opus None
My Robes! Robin (Male) Timed Onslaught lv. 82 None Female The Inter-space Lyn's Cord Belt Siegfried's Opus None

Xenologue References

  • Crying is based of the C-Rank Support conversation between Dorothy and Saul.
  • My Robes! Is based on the C-Support conversation between Colm and Moulder.


  • Because this is a recreation of the original map, the lines from the original game are reused, but Silas, Felicia, and Kilma's roles are given to Leo, Sakura, and Ryoma due to their absence in Warriors, while Odin's lines are given to his past self Owain, however even though Elise is in Warriors, and a Nohrian, her role is given to Lissa, possibly due to Elise's voice actor not returning.
    • Owain's lines were modified to be more similar to his style of words in Awakening, focusing on his "Sword Hand".
    • In the original game, Female Corrin and Felicia could never team up for this chapter, while that is not the case here.