The Commando Knight (コマンドナイト Komando naito, fan translated as Knight-Captain or Bronze Paladin) is a horse-mounted combat physical class that is exclusive to TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga. One of four possible promotions of the Rook Knight class, the Commando Knight class is outfitted with Swords and Lances as its weapons of choice.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Combat[edit | edit source]

Considered to be inferior to the other promoted forms of the Rook Knight class in terms of stat caps and skill gained, the only redeeming advantage Commando Knights possess is the ability to wield Lances. Apart from this, the class bears no penalties for dismounting, reduced Movement aside.

In-Game[edit | edit source]

Base Stats[edit | edit source]

TS23605405-7/5--TS Sword.pngTS Lance.png 4

Maximum Stats[edit | edit source]

TS60211520193020-12--TS Sword.pngTS Lance.png 19

Promotions[edit | edit source]

Base ClassPromotion MethodPromoted Class
TSRookKnight.gifRook KnightUse a Ts-knight-proof.gifKnight Proof on a Level 10+ Rook Knight.CommandoKnight.gifCommando Knight (Kreiss and Arkis)
TS (Raffin)CommandoKnight.gifCommando KnightComplete Map 10.Dragknight.gifDragon Knight

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