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The Commoner is a class that debuted in Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

It is the counterpart to the Noble class, and acts akin to a trainee class.


Commoners are one of two base classes available to every unit in the game; the only difference between them and Noble is the 5% Charm growth available to Nobles. Regardless, there is little reason to remain in this class, as the lack of growths does little for any unit, and the HP +5 skill is not necessarily worth grinding out class mastery for.

Commoners have access to various weapon types and even movement types, (such as Mounted, Flying, etc.) that they can advance through via training. Upon reaching a minimum rank in one of these areas they can promote into a base class.


Growth Rates

HP Str Mag Dex Spd Lck Def Res Charm
0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0%

Class Skills

FE16HP+5 FE16.pngHP +5Mastery Ability of Commoners.

Notable Commoners

Three Houses

  • Byleth - Child of Jeralt and a former member of his Mercenary band. Quiet and mysterious, but capable in battlefield and reliable in the academy.
  • Dorothea - Former songstress for the Mittlefrank Opera Company and idolizes Manuela. She is searching for someone to take care of her.
  • Petra - Princess of the Brigid attending the Officer's Academy as an exchange student for the Empire. Does not have a full grasp of the Fódlan language.
  • Dedue - A Duscur man who has pledged his life to Dimitri as his Retainer. Though hated for being from Duscur, he is a kind, but taciturn man.
  • Mercedes - A former Adrestian noble who became a part of the Kingdom when her mother was remarried. Keen and kind to her fellow classmates and best friends with Annette.
  • Ashe - A former thief who was adopted by Lord Lonato. An enthusiastic, optimistic student who believes in following one's dreams. A good cook and devoted reader.
  • Raphael - Son of merchant parents who were killed, but maintains a positive attitude despite the tragedy. Loves to hone his muscles to perfection. Has a big appetite and an even bigger heart.
  • Ignatz - Younger son of merchants from the Leicester Alliance. He is attending the Academy to please his parents, but secretly desires to become an artist. Childhood friends with Raphael and blame himself for his parents' death.
  • Leonie - Girl from Sauin Village who idolizes Jeralt. Wants to become a mercenary to repay her village. She has a one-sided rivalry with Byleth.
  • Cyril - Aid at the Garreg Mach Monastery and an orphan from Almyra. He's grateful to Rhea, who took him in and gave him a home. While capable, he wants to do everything by himself.
  • Yuri -  The leader of the Ashen Wolves. Astute and cunning, he never shows his back to others. Winning his trust is almost impossible.
  • Hapi -  A disinterested resident of Abyss with a deep hatred towards the Church. She likes to give nicknames to others and is good friends with Constance.


  • The appearance for Commoners is unique to each character. For the students, it will also change during the story five years later, being the model chosen for each of the characters' "default" advanced/master classes when encountered outside of being in the player's chosen faction (such as the Mage/Warlock class for Dorothea) as though the option to wear monastery wear in battle is turned on for them.