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“After storming the streets of Enbarr and bringing imperial forces to their knees, the resistance army surrounds the Imperial palace. To topple the Empire and save Rhea from its clutches, the resistance army steels itself for battle against Emperor Edelgard.”


After rallying their troops, Seteth and Byleth lead the Resistance forces in a direct assault on the Imperial Palace. The group engages Edelgard in a tumultuous battle and finally defeat her once and for all. The mortally wounded Edelgard bids Byleth finish her off in order to end the conflict, and Byleth obliges. Afterwards, as Byleth mourns Edelgard, they receive a letter from Hubert. His final words explain that Kronya and Solon's allies, a faction known as "Those Who Slither in the Dark", still remain active, that they were responsible for the destruction of Fort Merceus, that they resent the "children of the goddess" and all of humanity, and that they must be stopped lest they destroy humanity; he directs the Resistance to their stronghold at Shambhala. He also reveals that Rhea is alive and in captivity in a secret chamber within the palace.

The Resistance forces rescue Rhea. When informed about Hubert's letter, Rhea reluctantly explains that the Liberation King Nemesis was originally the leader of a group of bandits who plundered the Holy Tomb and stole the remains of the progenitor god Sothis. Nemesis went to the Red Canyon Zanado and used the Sword of the Creator to massacre the children of the progenitor god who were living there, gained power from their dead bodies, and brought war to Fódlan. Seteth marshals the Resistance forces and prepares to besiege Shambhala.

Initial enemies


  • Once you set foor inside the throneroom, alternately
    • Warrior L45 w/ Silver Axe (From the North-East stairs)
    • Warrior L45 w/ Silver Axe (From the North-West stairs)

These reinforcements will stop once you end your turn with one of your units on their respective stairs.


  • Turn 3
    • Dedue will enter the throneroom from the East.





Secret Book (Artwork).png
Subjective: The following part of this article is based upon the editor's personal experiences and opinions, and therefore may not be applicable for all readers.

Your team start in the middle of the map, surrounded by enemies on all sides., luckily the enemies not in your immediate vicinity, will not charge you unless you open one of the doors leading towards Edelgards Throneroom. There are 2 basic options for this chapter: Charge straight towards Edelgard and take her out, or go for the completionist route and also clear out all of the side rooms. The chest in this chapter do not really contain any good items, so it is not neccessarily needed to open these.
The Demonic Beasts are Giant ones and have an enormous health pool (M: 129/129/190), the ones in the side rooms are furthermore supported by a Fire Orb or Ballista respectively, making them even harder to take out. Save your Gambits to break their barriers and then use a mounted unit to take out Warlock/Sniper respectively, to take away their long-range support.
At the start of the battle, the unit right in front and behind you will charge you, although those behind have to charge through two chokepoint which cann be blocked up, while you take care of the units in front of you. Once the Central chambers have been cleared, you can move on either to the side rooms or to the Throne Room, take note however, that as soon as you open the door leading to the Throne Room, all units still alive in the side rooms will charge you outright. At this point Dedue will also join to fight (if he hadn't already) as an unrecruitable ally, but he is only usable as a meatshield to tank 1-2 enemies for 1, maybe 2 turns.
Edelgard herself is an absolute monster, on Maddening boasting a 86 attack with Aymr, while also being able to use the Combat Art Raging Storm and the Raging Flames gambit. If you are unable to take her out in a single turn, make sure you do not end your turn besides her, as Raging Storm will do an enormous amount of damage while also having a solid crit chance. Edelgard also boasts a 61 (Maddening) Charm stat, making it really hard to land any Gambits on her. Lastly, her Distant Counter makes her able to counterattack from any range. Using your best units with various COmbat Arts, should however be able to take her out.

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