Conote (コノート, Conōto lit. Connaught) is one of the four kingdoms of the Munster District, along with Munster, Leonster and Ulster. Before the events of Fire Emblem: Thracia 776, Conote sent soldiers to aid Leonster's army who were marching to Munster to defend it from Thracia's invasions. However, during the battle with Thracia, Conote attacked Leonster from the rear, by order of the powerful Conote noble Raydrik, annihilating their army. Afterwards, the Grannvale Empire fended off Thracia and took control of the Munster District from them. Grannvale's Duke Bloom was assigned as its king and he ruled from Ulster Castle. However, many years later, Seliph marched to liberate the Munster District and eventually forced Bloom out of Ulster and into Conote. At Conote, Bloom was ultimately defeated, and eventually Grannvale's forces at the Munster District were all defeated.

Notable Citizens of Conote[edit | edit source]

  • Carl - The young king of Conote, who trusted in Raydrik
  • Raydrik - Originally a noble of Conote and later promoted to duke of Munster
  • Asaello - Known as the "Hitman of Conote", a powerful Bow Fighter who works for Bloom
  • Daisy - Younger sister of Asaello and a orphan thief.
  • Fergus - Rumoured to be the son of the Conote princess and Beowolf

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Conote is a corruption of Connacht, a province of Ireland.

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