Creative Cuisine is a quest given to you by the Head Chef in Fire Emblem Three Houses. It is an optional quest introduced in chapter 2  and unlocks the Cooking Together option in the Monastery.

Quest Details Edit

Requirements Edit

"Collect recipes for the head chef. This library has quite a few cookbooks with interesting recipes. You might even try your hand at cooking, onve you have permission to do so."

Quest-Giver Dialogue [1]Edit

"I'm fresh out of recipe ideas. Say... Perhaps you could find some for me. Maybe a student or the library's cookbooks can spark some inspiration. Let me know, will you?"

Succeeded Quest Dialogue [2]Edit

"Thank you for sharing in the culinary arts with me! I can tell you have exceptional taste and must truly enjoy making all manner of food as much as you do eating it. You are welcome to use the kitchen whenever you please."

Location Edit

Given to you by the Head Chef located in the Dining Hall.

Rewards [3]Edit

Strategy Edit

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