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“They are power incarnate. They are said to have been bestowed upon humans by the goddess countless ages ago.”
Hanneman explaining Crests to Byleth.

A Church of Seiros fresco displaying the Crests of the Ten Elites, the Four Saints, the Four Apostles, Maurice and the Divine Seiros, and the Crest of Ernest

Crests (紋章) are a game mechanic introduced in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Similar to the Holy Blood from Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War, many of the nobility, who are descended from Fódlan's Ten Elites and Four Saints who fought during the War of Heroes, hail from families that bear Crests.


Believed to be blessings bestowed by the Goddess, Crests grant special powers to those who hold them such as high aptitude for magic, enhanced strength, and other boons that give them an edge over others. Crests are inherited by blood and thus recipients of Crests come from an ancestor who likewise had the same Crest. The actual Crest inheritance varies greatly. In most cases, the singular child of a family inherits a Crest. In some cases, multiple children of the same generation inherit the same Crest; for example, Mercedes and Jeritza are half-siblings who both inherited the Crest of Lamine from their mother.

Being a Crest holder is not physically obvious and leaves no mark on its bearers. However, those who possess them may have certain qualities such as unnatural strength that indicate their status as Crest holders. Hanneman, an avid scholar of Crests, developed a device that can show an individual their Crest. Catherine has an innate knack for identifying a person's Crest just by looking at them, but it is a rare ability.

In Fódlan, Crests have had a significant impact on society. They are often seen as a sign of prestige and respect. Many noble houses value crests and are desperate to obtain one as a sign of their nobility. Some have been known to marry or adopt individuals of lesser houses or even commoners who have spontaneously inherited a Crest just to obtain one should their heirs by birthright lack a Crest. The crest is not universally inherited by the eldest child, leading to power struggles within houses when a younger sibling is born with one. Houses are known to disown or otherwise disregard all other non-crest bearing children, heaving all expectations on the crest bearer while ignoring the others. As such, some people despise the status quo given by Crests, such as Edelgard, who wishes to abolish the Crest system, and Hanneman, who lost his sister to a noble who desperately desired to have crest-bearing children.

Crests are classified as either Major Crests that contain immense power, or Minor Crests that contain weaker, but somewhat potent power. Generally, it is believed that the stronger that a hero's blood runs within an heir, the higher the chance of that heir possessing a Major Crest. It is still possible for a child from a distant branch of a bloodline to be born with a Major Crest unexpectedly and it is unknown why this occurs.

As a general rule, it is considered impossible for an individual to possess more than a single Crest at once, but there have been some exceptions. Lysithea is one such individual, and she holds a Major Crest of Gloucester and a Minor Crest of Charon.

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These are not natural occurrences, but rather the results of inhumane experimentation to endow individuals with more Crests. The procedure, called blood reconstruction surgery, has a high failure rate as most attempts in the past wound up killing the test subject or driving them to madness. In the rare instances where the surgery is successful, the immense physiological strain of bearing two Crests still causes harmful side-effects, including turning the individual's hair white and dramatically shortening their lifespan.

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Overusing the power of a Crest Stone will eventually turn the user into a Demonic Beast, regardless if they are compatible with it or not. However, having a Crest, specifically the compatible one, does slow down the process.

Several Crests appear prominently in the coat of arms and insignia throughout Fódlan: the Crest of Seiros for the Adrestian Empire and the Church of Seiros, the Crest of Blaiddyd for the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus, and the Crests of Riegan, Goneril, Daphnel, and Gloucester for the Leicester Alliance. The Crests of Seiros, Blaiddyd, and Riegan are also used on the map of Fódlan to mark the domains of each country's ruling family.

Each Crest is associated with a specific type of dragon, which is only seen via the signs obtained on New Game Plus.

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In truth, Crests are derived from the blood of the Nabateans. With the help of Those Who Slither in the Dark, Nemesis plundered the Holy Tomb, slaying Sothis in her sleep and using her bones and heart to create the Sword of the Creator and using her blood to grant himself her crest, the Crest of Flames. Nemesis subsequently used his power to slaughter the Nabateans in Zanado.

Ignorant of what transpired, Nemesis' Elites were each given a Hero's Relic, weapons and equipment of exceptional power crafted from the remains of the slain Nabateans. The Nabateans' blood was used to grant the Elites their Crests that would allow them full control and power over their Relics. Some time later, Wilhelm I joined forces with Seiros and was given her Crest after she shared her blood with him. The Crests of the Four Saints are implied to have passed down the same way.

After Seiros killed Nemesis and the Ten Elites were executed by her forces, the history of Fódlan was rewritten to claim that Nemesis and the Elites were gifted their Crests and Relics by the goddess before they become corrupted by their power, thus propagating the history commonly known in Fódlan by Imperial Year 1180.

The Crests do not need to come from a deceased Nabatean's blood as Jeralt received a Major Crest of Seiros when he received a blood transfusion from Rhea, who is Seiros herself. This can, however, cause significant side-effects to the receiver. When Rhea goes berserk in the Silver Snow ending, many high-ranking members of the Church of Seiros also went berserk, some even transforming into White Beasts, likely because they each received a shard of a Crest Stone.

Crests can also empower non-living entities, as the Altered Golems in the Crimson Flower ending each possess a Minor Crest of Seiros. Though there is no in-universe description on how this occurred, their Crests likely manifested from Rhea offering her blood during their creation by the Church of Seiros.

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Crests serve as combat enhancements that empower the wielder of one special property in battle. These can range from damage increase to attacks or reservation of spell usage. Crests are fixed to specific characters and cannot be removed. Their effects act as passive Skills that activate randomly, activating it more often if they have a Major Crest or occasionally if it is a Minor Crest.

Several characters will have innate Crests that will always appear on them such as Lorenz having the Crest of Gloucester or Ingrid having the Crest of Daphnel. Others such as Ashe or Leonie do not have crests and cannot acquire one normally.

Having an innate Crest allows for the bearer to use the "full power" of the associated Hero's Relic. While any playable character who bears any crest is able to use any Hero's Relic without taking damage, having the specific Crest associated with a Hero's Relic allows for the unit to use the Relic's unique Combat Art, for example, Dimitri having the Crest of Blaidydd, allowing him to use the Combat Art "Atrocity", linked to the lance Areadbhar. The Heroes' Relics that are off-hand accessories instead grant the effects of Pavise and Aegis, in addition to their normal effects, if the user possesses the correct Crest.

In New Game+, players can spend 1,000 Renown to buy items called Dragon Signs, items that bestow specific Crests onto various characters as depicted on their item icon when put into a character's inventory. Dragon Signs allow even Crestless characters to obtain a Crest and receive the full benefits, though it will have no narrative effect on the story.

Some Dragon Signs will be unlocked naturally by entering New Game+. However, the Dragon Signs available for purchase and those that come free after entering a new NG+ file change are dependent on the last completed Route, so one cannot theoretically unlock all the Dragon Signs for free. Additionally, the Crests' effects from Dragon Signs trigger less than even Minor Crests. When characters with a Dragon Sign uses a matching Relic, it takes more Durability out of the weapon when using their Combat Art than if the same weapon was wielded by a character with a Major or Minor Crest, taking up 5 Durability.

Crests of the Ten Elites

Crest Name Crest Sign Crest Bearer(s) Corresponding Dragon Sign Ability Legendary Weapon(s) Major Arcana basis
Crest of Blaiddyd
Crest of Blaiddyd Major Crest of BlaiddydBlaiddyd
Minor Crest of BlaiddydDimitri
Klaus I
Grim Dragon Sign
The Faerghus royal family’s Crest, inherited from Blaiddyd of the 10 Elites. Occasionally doubles Atk and weapon uses for combat arts. Areadbhar Justice
Crest of Charon
Crest of Charon Major Crest of CharonCharon
Major Crest of CharonCatherine
Minor Crest of CharonLysithea
Lightning Dragon Sign
House Charon’s Crest, inherited from Charon of the 10 Elites. Occasionally raises Mt when using combat arts. Thunderbrand The Tower
Crest of Daphnel
Crest of Daphnel Major Crest of DaphnelDaphnel
Minor Crest of Daphnel
Flame Dragon Sign
House Daphnel and House Galatea’s Crest, inherited from Daphnel of the 10 Elites. Sometimes raises Mt when using combat arts. Lúin The Chariot
Crest of Dominic


Crest of Dominic Major Crest of DominicDominic
Minor Crest of DominicAnnette
Crusher Dragon Sign
House Dominic’s Crest, inherited from Dominic of the 10 Elites. Occasionally conserves uses of attack magic. Crusher The Empress
Crest of Fraldarius
Crest of Fraldarius Major Crest of FraldariusFraldarius
Minor Crest of FraldariusRodrigue
Major Crest of Fraldarius
Shield Dragon Sign
House Fraldarius’s Crest, inherited from Fraldarius of the 10 Elites. Sometimes raises Mt when using a weapon. Aegis Shield & Sword of Moralta The Emperor
Crest of Gautier
Crest of Gautier Major Crest of GautierGautier
Minor Crest of GautierSylvain
Fissure Dragon Sign
House Gautier’s Crest, inherited from Gautier of the 10 Elites. Occasionally raises Mt when using combat arts. Lance of Ruin Death
Crest of Gloucester
Crest of Gloucester Major Crest of GloucesterGloucester
Major Crest of GloucesterLysithea
Minor Crest of GloucesterLorenz
Craft Dragon Sign
House Gloucester’s Crest, inherited from Gloucester of the 10 Elites. Occasionally raises Mt during magic attacks. Thyrsus & Axe of Ukonvasara The Hermit
Crest of Goneril
Crest of Goneril Major Crest of GonerilGoneril
Minor Crest of Goneril
Kalpa Dragon Sign
House Goneril’s Crest, inherited from Goneril of the 10 Elites. Sometimes allows combat arts to prevent enemy counterattacks. Freikugel Wheel of Fortune
Crest of Lamine
Crest of Lamine Major Crest of LamineLamine
Minor Crest of LamineMercedes
Minor Crest of LamineJeritza
Aegis Dragon Sign
A Crest inherited from Lamine of the 10 Elites. Occasionally conserves uses of recovery magic. Rafail Gem & Tathlum Bow Judgement
Crest of Riegan
Crest of Riegan Major Crest of RieganRiegan
Minor Crest of RieganClaude
Star Dragon Sign
A Crest inherited from Riegan of the 10 Elites. Sometimes restores HP equal to 30% of damage dealt when using combat arts. Failnaught & Sword of Begalta The Moon
Crest of the Beast
Crest of The Beast Major Crest of MauriceWandering Beast
Minor Crest of MauriceMarianne
Storm Dragon Sign
The Crest of a Hero whose identity was lost to history. Promises contempt for those who bear it. Sometimes raises Mt when using a weapon. Blutgang The Devil

Crests of the Four Saints

Crest Name Crest Sign Crest Bearer(s) Corresponding Dragon Sign Ability Legendary Weapon(s) Major Arcana basis
Crest of Cethleann
Crest of Cethleann Major Crest of Cethleann
Minor Crest of CethleannLinhardt
Light Dragon Sign
Legend has it that Saint Cethleann bore this Crest. A symbol of kindness and mastery of light. Sometimes raises Mt when using recovery magic. Caduceus Staff The Lovers
Crest of Cichol
Crest of Cichol Major Crest of Cichol
Minor Crest of CicholFerdinand
Earth Dragon Sign
Legend has it that Saint Cichol bore this Crest. A symbol of strength and the land. Sometimes lets combat arts prevent enemy counterattacks. Spear of Assal & Ochain Shield Strength
Crest of Indech
Crest of Indech Major Crest of Indech
The Immovable
Minor Crest of IndechBernadetta
Minor Crest of IndechHanneman
Water Dragon Sign
Legend has it that Saint Indech bore this Crest. A symbol of wisdom and water. Occasionally allows weapon attacks to strike twice. The Inexhaustible Temperance
Crest of Macuil
Crest of Macuil Major Crest of Macuil
The Wind Caller
Wind Dragon Sign
Legend has it that Saint Macuil bore this Crest. A symbol of magic and mastery of the wind. Occasionally raises Mt during magic attacks. - The Magician

Crests of the Four Apostles

Crest Name Crest Sign Crest Bearer(s) Corresponding Dragon Sign Ability Legendary Weapon(s) Major Arcana basis
Crest of Aubin
Crest of Aubin Major Crest of AubinAubin
Major Crest of AubinYuri
Ice Dragon Sign
A Crest long lost to history. Occasionally prevents enemy counterattacks when using a weapon. Fetters of Dromi The Hanged Man
Crest of Chevalier
Crest of Chevalier Major Crest of ChevalierChevalier
Minor Crest of ChevalierBalthus
Snow Dragon Sign
A Crest long lost to history. Sometimes restores HP equal to 30% of damage dealt when using Combat Arts. Vajra-Mushti The Sun
Crest of Noa
Crest of Noa Major Crest of Noa
Major Crest of NoaConstance
Bloom Dragon Sign
A Crest long lost to history. Occasionally does not consume a use during magic attacks. - The Hierophant
Crest of Timotheos
Crest of Timotheos Major Crest of TimotheosTimotheos
Major Crest of Timotheos
Dark Dragon Sign
A Crest long lost to history. Occasionally does not consume a use for recovery magic. - The Star

Crests of the Divine

Crest Name Crest Sign Crest Bearer(s) Corresponding Dragon Sign Ability Legendary Weapon(s) Major Arcana basis
Crest of Flames
Crest of Flames Major Crest of FlamesNemesis
Major Crest of FlamesByleth
Major Crest of FlamesSothis
N/A The Crest of the goddess who governs the world. Occasionally restores HP equal to 30% of damage dealt. Rarely raises Mt and stops counterattacks. Sword of the Creator The World
Crest of Seiros
Crest of Seiros Major Crest of Seiros
Major Crest of SeirosJeralt
Minor Crest of SeirosEdelgard
Minor Crest of SeirosAelfric
Wilhelm I
Lycaon I
Sky Dragon Sign
Legend has it that Saint Seiros bore this Crest and passed it down through House Hresvelg. Occasionally raises Mt when using combat arts. Sword of Seiros
Seiros Shield
The High Priestess

Crests Lost to History

Crest Name Crest Sign Crest Bearer(s) Corresponding Dragon Sign Ability Legendary Weapon(s) Major Arcana basis
Crest of Ernest
Crest of Ernest Major Crest of ErnestAnna Thorn Dragon Sign
A Crest long lost to history. Occasionally stops enemy counterattacks when using a weapon. - The Fool


  • The Crests bear similarity with the Major Arcana, whether it's in their appearance, their description, or the characteristics of one of their crest bearers. Ernest starting as The Fool, followed by Macuil as The Magician, and continues until the Crest of Flames as The World. This can be seen in-game by the order of placements the Dragon Signs are in when purchasing them.
  • Many Crests appear subtly in many locations; some even appear where they don't completely associate with their location.
    • Gautier’s Crest appears on the warp panels in The Underground Chamber.
    • Maurice's Crest is seen on Aymr, even though Aymr is associated with Seiros's Crest.
    • Chevalier's Crest is seen on the Sword of Moralta, even though it's associated with House Fraldarius. It also appears on the Sword of Begalta, despite it belonging to Macuil and is kin with Riegan's Crest.
    • Timotheos' Crest is seen on the floor of the terrace on the third floor of Garreg Mach.
    • The Crest of Flames can be seen on a rock in the middle of the Sealed Forest map, just behind Kronya.

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  • The Dark Creator Sword, wielded by Nemesis, contains the Crest Stones of Noa and Timotheos. In the Cindered Shadows DLC, Hapi and Constance are the only two of the Ashen Wolves to not have Heroes' Relics. A theory can be proposed that Those Who Slither in the Dark found their Heroes' Relics and repurposed them into the Dark Creator Sword.
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  • With the release of the Cindered Shadows DLC, the only Crest left that hasn't had even a legend that is about their original bearer is the Crest of Ernest.
  • The Crest of Macuil is the only Crest to not be possessed by a playable character. Though Edelgard and Constance's supports suggest that the Crest of Macuil existed in the Empire at some point, no human in-game is shown to have it.