The Crimean Liberation Army is a coalition army composed of forces from both Crimea and Begnion (and much later, Gallia) in Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance. Their sole objective is to liberate the country of Crimea after its defeat and subsequent takeover by Daein due to the early phase of The Mad King's War. They are led by Ike, who was made a member of the Crimean nobility by Princess Elincia at Empress Sanaki's urging. This promotes Ike to Lord. After the events of Chapter 17 of Path of Radiance, Ike's army is able to garner the support and troops they need from Begnion to challenge Daein offensively, which is a switch from previous strategies that have characterized the gameplay up to that point. From the beginning of Chapter 18 and onwards, the player's entire army is referred to as the Crimean Liberation Army.

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