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Crimean Royal Knights (クリミア王宮騎士団) are an elite group of knights, which are directly controlled by Crimea. It was formerly commanded by Duke Renning, and is now led by General Geoffrey.

Geoffrey lead the Crimean Royal Knights to attack Castle Felirae.

In Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance the 5th Platoon was thought to have been decimated by the Daein Army while escorting Princess Elincia to Gallia under orders from Duke Renning. After their defeat, the remaining members went underground, awaiting Princess Elincia's return. While underground, they were led by Geoffrey, Lucia, and Bastian. In Chapter 24, Geoffrey leads the Royal Knights against the Daein Army. Afterwards, they join together with the Crimean Liberation Army fighting under Ike for Elincia.

After Elincia ascends the throne, the Royal Knights are reassembled to serve the new Queen. Once again led by Geoffrey, the Royal Knights serve Elincia. In Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, they are deployed in Chapter 2-3 to dispatch the rebellion and capture the rebel leader, Ludveck. In the Final Chapter of Part II they arrive late due to the rebel army's false bait. They are later deployed in Part III to negotiate with Begnion troops raiding a Crimean village, which escalates into a fight between the two forces.

Originally, Oscar was a Royal Knight as well before resigning to help take care of his brothers following his father's death. After Radiant Dawn, Elincia requested Oscar to rejoin the force, which he complied.

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