A Cross Knight in the TCG

The Cross Knights are a unit of elite Cavaliers that make up the main body of the Nordion army in Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War. They are handpicked and led by the Ruler of Nordion, Eldigan, and are famed for being some of the strongest warriors in all of Jugdral. They are sworn to obey the Agustrian royal family.

In GameEdit

  • In Chapter 1, Elliot of Heirhein attempts to capture Evans castle while Sigurd is engaged in southern Verdane. However, Eldigan and the Cross Knights come to Sigurd's aide and easily defeat Elliot's troops.
  • In Chapter 3, Sigurd is forced to fight Eldigan and the Cross Knights, who have remained loyal to Chagall. Even if Lachesis, Eldigan's sister, and princess of Nordion, convinces Eldigan to stand down and return to Silvail, the Cross Knights will continue to fight Sigurd's forces. As Chagall, King of Agustria, orders Eldigan executed for his suggestion of a peaceful resolution, the Cross Knights likely either continued to execute their original orders, or obeyed Chagall's authority.
  • Cross Knights are all equipped with Steel Swords and Javelins, and can fight capably both in close combat and at range.


When fighting the Cross Knights, durable units with both ranged and close combat weapons excel. Units such as a promoted Finn (with Javelin), Lex (with Brave Axe), and Lewyn (with Elwind) in particular can capably hold their own against the elite Cavaliers.


The Cross Knights will eventually be wiped out by Sigurd and his army. While none of their individual members survived, they did leave family members. A Village girl, who had previously boasted about her boyfriend being a Cross Knight, will say she was widowed due to the war.


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