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The Cupid Bow (キュービッドの弓 Kyūpiddo no Yumi) is a Bow that is introduced in Fire Emblem Fates. Modeled after the motif of love, the Cupid Bow is a joke weapon that is aptly imbued with the ability to heal the HP of enemy targets. Targets of the cupid bow can be healed for up to 6 HP. Alongside its low Might, the Cupid Bow is not practical for combat purposes, but can be effectively used for maximising experience gains. This is particularly valuable in Conquest outside Lunatic Mode, where experience gains are otherwise limited (or are reduced with every non-fatal attack): if the bow deals less damage than it heals, then theoretically infinite experience and support points may be gained.

The Cupid Bow has practical combat purpose: it has a high hit rate, making it a good weapon for finishing off weaker, but more evasive enemies.

Weapon Stats

Fire Emblem Fates

Name Type

FE14Bow.png Cupid Bow

FE14 Bow.png Bow

Rank Uses Mt Hit Crt Avo Rng WEx Worth
E 1 100% 0% 0% 2 ? 0

After use in combat, restores 20% of enemy's max HP.


One Cupid Bow is granted upon achieving 70 Battle Points via My Castle battles. Cupid Bows are also granted through Castle events in Conquest and Revelations.


Cupid is the name of the Roman god of love, the son of Venus/Aphrodite, the husband of Psyche, and the father of Hedone/Voluptas. In Greek mythology, he is called Eros. This weapon being a bow matches Cupid's use of bow and arrows for romantic purposes.