Cyrkensia 2

The city of Cyrkensia.

Cyrkensia (アミュージア Amyūjia lit. Amuzia in the Japanese version) is a city from Fire Emblem Fates.


Cyrkensia is a bustling port in the Kingdom of Nestra, near the southern border of the Kingdom of Nohr. It is a popular international resort city renowned for its singers and dancers, and is frequently visited by the nobility of both Nohr and Hoshido. A central feature of Cyrkensia is its famed Opera House, where local songstress Layla performs; King Garon in particular is a great admirer of Layla, and travels to Cyrkensia often just to attend one of her shows.


In Birthright, a songstress from Cyrkensia, Layla, is encountered in Chapter 12: Dark Reunion. The Avatar uses Zola's magic to disguise Azura as her.



In Revelation, Cyrkensia is destroyed due to Valla's invisible forces. The incident causes the Hoshidan and Nohrian forces to fight, each believing the other responsible for the destruction.


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