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Dáinn is one of the Twelve Crusaders, possesses the title of Dragon Knight, is the original wielder of the Gungnir, and is the founder of the Kingdom of Thracia.

Dáinn's known blood descendants are Travant and Arion. His sister was Njörun, and is the indirect ancestor of Calf, Quan, Altena, and Leif.

According to the designer notes, Dáinn and Njörun's lives took a turn for the tragic in what's known as the "Tragedy of the Gáe Bolg". Among the Thracian Knights there was an old friend of Dáinn; he and Njörun fell in love, and they got married with Dáinn's blessing. However, some time after the war, Dáinn and his brother-in-law fought for reasons undisclosed, and eventually started dueling each other. Njörun tried to stop the fight, but she accidentally killed her spouse with the Gáe Bolg. She was so griefstricken that she killed herself to join her husband in death, and few years later Dáinn also died under mysterious circumstances. Ever since then, Manster and Thracia have had bitterness between them.


Dain is the name of three separate figures from Norse mythology.


  • Dáinn is the only crusader with no playable descendants. However, in the Final Chapter, Altena can talk to Arion, causing him to become an allied NPC.
  • Dáinn is also the only crusader with no known descendants with minor Holy Blood. Both of his descendants we see in-game, Travant and Arion, possess major Holy Blood.