Dökkálfheimr is a location in Fire Emblem Heroes. It is the home of the primary antagonists of Book IV.

Notable people from Dökkálfheimr Edit

  • Freyja - Ruler of Dökklálfheimr and queen of nightmares who loves her older brother Freyr dearly and rages with bitter jealousy at his care for lesser mortal creatures.
  • Triandra - A dökkálfar who delivers terrible dreams to mortals. Cold and distant, she lives on without hope.
  • Plumeria - A jaded dökkálfar who delivers salacious dreams to mortals. Though she would wish to do away with all cloying mortal desires, she cannot.

Etymology Edit

In Norse Mythology, Dökkálfar (Dark Elves) are a type of elves that are said to live within the Earth and have a dark complexion. Some myths say that they also live in Svartalfhiem.

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