Daein Keep is the centre of Daein's government, located in Nevassa. It serves as the headquarters for many antagonists in Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, including Ashnard and Jarod, and some protagonists like Pelleas.

In Path of RadianceEdit

In Path of Radiance, Daein Keep serves as the main base of operations for Ashnard for much of the game. However, once Ike and Elincia begin their charge into Daein to liberate Crimea, Ashnard moves to Melior where he remains until the end of the game. Ike launches an attack on Daein Keep in Chapter 21, expecting to face Ashnard, but instead fighting Ena and learning that Ashnard was in Crimea.

In Radiant DawnEdit

At the beginning of Radiant Dawn, Daein is controlled by Duke Numida and General Jarod of Begnion, who use Daein Keep as their base. In the endgame of Part 1, Jarod seizes control of Daein Keep despite his orders from the Apostle to cease all military operations. Micaiah leads the Daein Liberation Army into the Keep and defeats Jarod, turning over the control of Daein Keep to Pelleas. Pelleas remains in Daein Keep for most of Part 3, where he orders Micaiah to assist Begnion in destroying the Laguz Alliance and sometimes meets with Lekain.


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