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The Dagda and Brigid War was a conflict fought in Imperial Year 1175 in which the allied countries of Dagda and Brigid carried out a joint invasion of the Adrestian Empire.


The Dagda-Brigid force made landfall at the Viscounty of Nuvelle and the Barony of Ochs, catching the Empire off guard. The head of House Ochs was slain in the fighting, and House Nuvelle failed to mount a successful defense and was plunged into ruin, leaving only Constance as the survivor of the household. Eventually, the Empire turned the invasion back and counter-invaded both of its aggressors.

For its role, Brigid was made a vassal state of the Empire. The king of Brigid, who had lost his son during the conflict, was compelled to send his granddaughter Petra to live in the Empire as a token of his new allegiance. Shamir, a mercenary of Dagda, lost her partner when the Empire destroyed her homeland, and became a wandering traveler in Fódlan until she was taken in by Archbishop Rhea of the Church of Seiros. Constance, meanwhile, would move to Abyss after spending a year and graduating from the Fhirdiad Royal School of Sorcery following the war.